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Bash & Pop- Live In Vermillion 1993

After the Replacements disbanded in 1991, Tommy Stinson formed his first post-Replacements band, Bash & Pop in 1992. Tommy switched to guitar, took lead vocals and wrote the songs, but the band was short lived and disbanded in 1994. The band recorded and released just one album (and a track to the Clerks soundtrack), Friday Night Is Killing Me and I thought it held it's own up against the other ex-Replacement's first projects as it showed flashes of brilliance that makes Stinson a legitimate frontman. The songs were catchy, poppy and sometimes rocked hard, but I thought the slower tracks (Friday Night (Is Killing Me) and Nothing) had a sensitivity I didn't think Stinson had.

There aren't a lot of live recordings of Bash & Pop (they only lasted 2 years) and the setlists are similar since they only had an album's worth of material. This concert from the University of South Dakota has excellent sound (soundboard quality) and though the performance was loose with a mid-song stop and a false start, this is well worth the listen for any Mats fan. For the story behind the recording, read about it here.

Vermillion, SD
May 1, 1993

soundboard DAT recording

01. Never Aim To Please
02. Satellite
03. Situation
04. Hang ups
05. Tickled To Tears
06. Any Other Way
07. He Means It
08. Loose Ends
09. Tiny Pieces
10. Keep On Knockin'
11. All Tied Up
12. Friday Night Is Killing Me
13. Don't Shake It
14. Easy Action
15. One More Time
16. Cat Scratch Fever
17. Raise Your Window
18. Fast And Hard
19. Nothing
20. First Steps

BASH & POP- 1993-05-01, Sioux Falls, SD FLAC. rar


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