Thursday, November 07, 2013

Charlie Chesterman- TT The Bears April 30, 1986

Here's a rare Charlie Chesterman solo acoustic show when he was in Scruffy the Cat from 1986. He performs some STC songs along with lots of new material I don't even know the titles of. If you can help out with some titles of the songs with question marks (?), let me know. Without a band, the performance is a cool up-close and personal show and though he has trouble remembering songs and having difficulty choosing songs to play, this show is special because I'm not sure if Charlie did a lot of solo shows when he was still in Scruffy? (maybe you fans from MA might have better insight on this?)

I got this disc in a trade many years ago and I thought it would be of interest because I haven't seen this posted online. The last show I posted (WERS 1984) along with several other Scruffy The Cat live recordings have recently been re-seeded and posted on Dime, but if you want me to post any of those shows here (especially if you aren't a Dimeadozen member), I can. Regardless, I'll post some more Chesterman/Scruffy The Cat shows that haven't been shared yet to continue my week long tribute to Charlie.

TT The Bears
Cambridge, MA
April 30, 1986


01. Time Never Forgets
02. My Fate Was Sealed With A Kiss
03. The Late Risers Club
04. Big Fat Monkeys Hat
05. ? / Lovers Day
06. ?
07. Tiger Tiger
08. ? / New Home Of The Blues
09. Hole In My Heart
10. The Boy Scout Song / Thomas Doubter
11. 2day 2morrow 4ever
12. ?
13. xx (silence)
14. ?
15. Beer Please, Not Politics
16. ?
17. ?
18. outro

?= title unknown

CHARLIE CHESTERMAN- 1986-04-30 TT The Bears, Cambridge, MA FLAC. rar


john said...

more STC on here please. me and dime have had our differences - "whats a ratio ?"

Post Post Modern Dad said...

Really sad. I'm glad I learned the news of Charlie's passing from you, a fellow fan. Thank you.

Phil in NJ said...

Great...thanks!! It is great to hear this and I am looking forward to more but still very sad about his passing...

Anonymous said...

Track 15 is "Beer Please, Not Politics" by The Law, Charlie's band prior to Scruffy the Cat. The whole show is called "Skinny Man With A Guitar".

Pete Weiss said...

Thanks for this. FYI, that's a photo of Brian Charles (friend of and collaborater with many of the Scruffy guys) performing in 2011 at TT's.

Phil in NJ said...

I came across a Scruffy show from back in '88that I had not seen before at another blog:

JohnK said...

I can't thank you enough for the posts. Losing Charlie is so sad on so many levels. Certainly, nobody else is going to fill those thrift store shoes! He was a true gentleman and a rock n' roll giant... though he'd probably respond to the latter assertion with the usual dubious stare/ eye roll/ head shake/ "Now WHY would you say THAT?!"

binky said...

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments about Charlie!

Thanks Pete for providing the proper info on the photo. I've updated the post with the cover from the disc this is from, "Skinny Man With A Guitar".(Thanks too, Anonymous!)

Komal Sharma said...

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