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The Weakerthans- Table Of Contents

Last July, according to drummer, Jason Tait the beloved Winnipeg band, The Weakerthans were officially "done". It's hard to believe, but the band was together for 18 years. They hadn't played a live show together in over two years and their last studio album, The Reunion Tour was released back in 2007 and their last release was 2010's, Live At Burton Cummings Theatre, so really it's no surprise they would call it quits. There is always the hope for a "reunion tour" and the members are still in the "biz", so this isn't beyond the realm of possibility. John K. Samson continues with his solo career and operating Arbeiter Ring Publishing, Stephen Carroll works at Manitoba Film & Music and Jason Tait currently drums for Bahamas.

According to Songkick, the Weakerthans last official show was in Edmonton, August 31, 2013. If this isn't correct let me know and if any live recordings from their final shows (including Riot Fest) are floating around, I would be interested. The last time I saw the Weakerthans live was back in December 2010 when they performed 4 shows at 4 different venues playing each album in chronological order each night. I attended 3 of the 4 shows. For the final night at the Burton Cummings Theatre, the band performed all four of their records from the most recent back to their debut. This amazing feat was recorded in it's entirety (almost) by myself and posted here. It's posted in mp3 format (I wasn't posting in FLAC yet), but I have it also in FLAC format and if there's an interest I can re-post (please let me know in the comments).

I'll get together more Weakerthans live recordings to post in the future, but for now here's an interesting collection of B-sides and rarities that include live tracks, alternate versions and covers. I saw this on the Besides Asides blog, but it is now unavailable for download, so I thought I should share this here. Unfortunately, I only have this version in mp3, so it'll fit nicely on your iPod or pad or smartiPhone. I always love compilations like this and some tracks would work well as bonus tracks if their albums ever get reissued and get the special edition treatment. An enjoyable listen and great memories from this well accomplished and important band of the past two decades.

Table Of Contents (B-Sides & Rarities)

1. My Favourite Power Chords
2. Ringing of Revolution [Phil Ochs cover]
3. Bad Time To Be Poor [Rheostatics cover]
4. Past Due [Alternate Version]
5. Confessions Of A Futon-Revolutionist (Country Style)
6. Everything Must Go [Alternate Version]
7. Utilities [Alternate Version]
8. Illustrated Bible Stories For Children [Live on CKUW]
9. The Last Last One [Live on CKUW]
10. Left and Leaving [CBC Version]
11. The Reasons [CBC Version]
12. Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call [CBC Version]
13. One Great City [CBC Version]
14. Reconstruction Site [CBC Version]
15. Utilities [CBC Version]
16. Judy G [Sarah Harmer cover]
17. Swingin' Party [Replacements cover]

    Track 1 originally appeared on Take Penacilin Now. G7 Welcoming Committee Records 2005.
    Track 2 originally appeared on Return of the Read Menace. G7 Welcoming Committee Records1999.
    Track 3 originally appeared on The Secret Sessions. Zunior 2007.
    Track 4 originally appeared on Hopelessly Devoted to You Vol. 4. Hopeless Records 2002.
    Track 5 originally appeared on Hopelessly Devoted to You Vol. 3. Hopeless Records 2000.
    Track 6 originally appeared on Sub City: Take Action sampler. Hopeless/Subcity 1999.
    Track 7 originally appeared on Help: A Day in the Life. Sony/BMG Recordings 2006.
    Tracks 8 & 9 originally appeared on the Watermark CD Single. G7 Welcoming Committee Records 2001.
    Tracks 10-14 are not commercially available. Recorded live in-studio at the CBC.
    Track 15 originally appeared on CBC Radio 3 Sessions, Vol. 1. 2004. It is credited on the CD to John K. Samson only because at that point the song had not been recorded by the full-band on any commercial releases.
    Tracks 16-17 are Not commercially available. Recorded live at Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto, Ontario on November 18, 2005. Sarah Harmer assists on "Swingin' Party".

WEAKERTHANS- Table Of Contents (B-sides & Rarities) mp3. rar


Anonymous said...

thanks for this . .gonna miss this band

Mike McCann said...

Would love to hear the FLAC version, thanks!

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