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Yo La Tengo- Murdering The Classics 2016

photo: Carlie Armstrong (Pitchfork)
 Every March, WFMU holds their annual two week fundraising marathon. WFMU is a listener-supported independent community radio station in Jersey City, NJ. and the funds raised go towards keeping the station alive and the fundraising marathon relies on pledges and donations from it's listeners. Listeners are rewarded with prize giveaways and special surprise guests. It's become an annual tradition to have guests such as Yo La Tengo, who returned to play cover song requests for $100 /per pledge. I'm not exactly how many years YLT have performed during the fundraising drive, I'd estimate maybe 20 years(?) and it's definitely a show I hope surfaces each year somewhere. If you're not familiar with this format or Yo La Tengo's cover versions, have a listen to the officially release, Yo La Tengo Is Murdering The Classics released in 2006. It compiles highlights from past WFMU fundraiser performances from 1996-2003.

The setlist for the 2016 request show is conveniently split into six sets editing the banter, so it's an hour and a half of loose, sloppy fun, and not too serious covers of many classic songs. Part of the appeal is these off-the-cuff performances from Yo La Tengo is the challenge to improv their way through even the most obscure requests. Good humor and amazing musicianship from this always interesting band.

I pulled this recording from Dime and it's just too good not to share here. Thanks to the original poster, beatpop! The request from the original poster: "Please do not trade this in lossy format. Convert to lossy for personal use only". I'm posting this in it's original format (FLAC), so please respect the posters request.

Murdering The Classics 2016

Live on Todd-o-phonic 
Todd's Request-a-Thon with Gaylord Fields
WFMU-FM's Monty Hall
Jersey City, NJ, USA
March 12, 2016

(6 sets from 3-6pm)

Broadcast by 91.1 WFMU-FM, Jersey City, NJ USA.
WFMU-FM > Sony XDR-F1HD > Edirol R-09HR (44.1/16) >
Sony Soundforge 10 > FLAC level 6 aligned on SB

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 1:

01 - Dead Flowers (Jagger/Richards)  (3:05)
02 - Tears Of A Clown (Wonder/Cosby/Robinson)  (2:07)   
03 - Train Kept a Rollin' (Bradshaw/Mann)  (2:06)
04 - Don't Bring Me Down (Jeff Lynne)  (2:13)
05 - Beast Of Burden (Jagger/Richards)   (2:11)
06 - American Squirm (Nick Lowe)  (2:15)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 2:

07 - She Loves You (Lennon/McCartney)  (2:34)
08 - Stir It Up (Bob Marley)  (1:32)
09 - That's Entertainment (Paul Weller)  (2:03)
10 - Accident (Brian McMahon - The Electric Eels)  (2:38)
11 - Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (Daltrey/Townshend)  (2:05)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 3:

12 - Those Were The Days (Adams/Strouse) > Those Were The Days (Fomin/Raskin)  (1:44)
13 - I'm A Little Dinosaur (Jonathan Richman)  (2:03)
14 - Tell Me Something Good (Stevie Wonder)  (3:18)
15 - Nobody But Me (Ronald Isley/Rudolph Isley/O'Kelly Isley, Jr.) (2:53)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 4:

16 - Queen of Eyes (Robyn Hitchcock)  (2:22)
17 - Hybrid Moments (Glenn Danzig)  (1:41)
18 - My Heart's Not In It (Yo La Tengo)  (2:45)
19 - Spirit In The Sky (Norman Greenbaum)  (2:08)
20 - Walk Away Renee (Brown/Calilli/Sansone)  (2:50)
21 - Surfin' Bird (Frazier/White/Harris/Wilson Jr.) (2:46)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 5:

22 - Dance This Mess Around (Pierson/Schneider/Strickland/Wilson/Wilson)  (4:04)
23 - Totally Wired (Smith/Hanley/Riley/Scanlan)  (2:30)
24 - Riding In My Car (Al Anderson)  (3:35)
25 - Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie)  (2:57) 
26 - Slow Death (Jordan/Loney)  (4:24)

Yo La Tengo Murders The Classics, Set 6:

27 - Thus Spake Zarathustra  (1:03)
28 - Time  (2:58)
29 - Holy Cow (Allen Toussaint)  (3:42)
30 - Love Potion No. 9 (Leiber/Stoller)  ( (1:37)
31 - (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (Nick Lowe)  (4:03)
32 - You Tell Us (Bryan Ferry)  (4:22)
33 - It's All Too Much (George Harrison)  (13:01)
      With references to:
    Rebel Yell
    White Wedding
    I will Dare
    Paint Your Wagon
    That Summer Feeling
    I Don't Wanna Play House
    I've Been Bitten By a Love Bug
    Let's Go Surfin'
    El Paso
    Call Me Maybe
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    The End
    It's All Too Much
    Yellow Submarine   

Total Running Time: 1hr 37min 50sec

Georgia Hubley - drums, vocals
Ira Kaplan - guitar, vocals
James McNew - bass
Bruce Bennett - guitar, vocals

YO LA TENGO- 2016-03-12, WFMU-FM FLAC. rar


Sir Billy Himalaya said...

I'm a long long way from New Jersey, so thanks to the recorder and you for posting it. Jusy had a quick flip through and this sounds great, especially" It;s all too much".

David Terrones Vicea said...

Hi, I'm from barcelona, I'm interested in getting bootlegs from yo la tengo, especially of WFMU Marathon and Hannukka shows, I have several that I could download. Thank you very much

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