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Superchunk- Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg, MB October 20, 1997

A while back, let's say about 7 years ago, I posted a Superchunk show that previewed new songs from their then new release, Majesty Shredding. I mentioned I had recorded Superchunk in Winnipeg while they toured through here back in 1997, but I had never transferred the recording or posted it on the blog. I had a request last week from Caroline who reminded me about the recording and wanted to know if I had ever gotten around to transferring and posting the show. I have since converted and transferred the original tape to my hard-drive, split the tracks, wrote a setlist (hope I got it right?) and uploaded the file.

I recorded Superchunk with my old (my first recorder) Sony Walkman cassette recorder with small stealthy mics that lack the warmth and richness of my more recent mics, so don't get your hopes too high sound quality-wise. The sound is thin and trebley and it doesn't help that the sound at the Pyramid was always shitty (I recall the sound was loud and somewhat distorted), but once your ears adjust you'll be treated to an excellent concert and would believe it was almost 20 years ago! My brother has been bugging me to hear this show, he was at the show with me and he's a huge Superchunk fan. Since Superchunk has yet to return to Winnipeg, I treasure this recording quite a bit and was glad to finally upload the tape. I worry my cassette masters might deteriorate and degrade in sound quality over time as most of my taping was from 1993-2000, many are over 20 years old. Thanks Caroline for coaxing me to post this show and I will try (really!) to upload more shows in the future I have on tape.

Pyramid Cabaret
Winnipeg, MB
October 20, 1997
AUD Master

Sony mic> Sony WM-GX35 Recording Walkman> Maxell XLII 90 Cassette> Aiwa tape deck> ADS Instant music> usb> Nero SoundTrax> WAV> Direct WAV splitter> FLAC> rar

01. Driveway To Driveway
02. Skip Steps 1 and 3
03. Watery Hands
04. New Bruises
05. Marquee
06. Iron On
07. Question Is How Fast
08. Precision Auto
09. Burn Last Sunday
10. Sunshine State
11. Seed Toss
12. Unbelievable Things

13. Hyper Enough
14. Throwing Things

SUPERCHUNK- 1997-10-20 Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg, MB FLAC Master. rar 

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hi, sounds enticing but .... the file seems to have disappeared....

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