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New Pornographers- MacEwan Ballroom, Calgary, AB, October 12, 2007

If you read my previous post, you know I'm going to a concert on October 7th besides The Fuse fundraiser. I'm going to see the New Pornographers, a band I've seen at least 6 times previously in Winnipeg and Calgary. The shows were all good, despite a couple times without vocalist, Neko Case who if you haven't heard has a somewhat successful, at least in indie terms, solo career. The last time I saw the band, my recording wasn't good as the levels were accidentally set with a max volume setting which produced a flat tinny sounding recording. A few shows stand out in positive terms though, like the first time I saw the band in 2002 with the original lineup at the WECC. It was a fun show with plenty of good-natured banter between Carl and Neko and the band was very entertaining. Cool covers of  Cruel To Be Kind, Action, Send Me A Postcard and a mini-Heart set "riff-off" were highlights. This was the show that made me realize Neko Case was the coolest ever! (my post, "Vintage Porn" with my mp3 recording of the show)

The other stand out show was in Calgary pretty close to 10 years ago to this date with the complete lineup with Neko and Dan Bejar who doesn't tour with the band much outside of shows in Vancouver. I realized how awkward and weird it must be for the band to have Dan drift on and off the stage only staying on stage if he was singing lead, of course with a glass in his hand, classic! There's almost always a special feeling seeing a band in another city and I felt all warm and fuzzy standing in the middle of the horde on the MacEwan Ballroom floor at the University of Calgary. It was tight and sweaty surrounded by screaming college girls and this show goes down on my list of most enjoyable or at least memorable concerts. I happened to be in town for a conference that weekend and I actually bought a ticket at the door. I fortunately brought my recording gear to Calgary (who doesn't travel with audio recording gear?) and captured the show in all it's glory. As mentioned there was some chatter and screaming, but you get used to it quick and the recording sounds just like you were there in the crowd. It's not perfect, but I thought it was too good not to share and revisit. I posted this show on Dime a few days after the show and posted only a few song highlights (no longer available) on the blog. I thought to prepare myself for the concert on Saturday I would share the complete show from 10 years ago in lossless format. It's kind of a re-seed from Dime, but now is exclusive to TDIT. It's a great show and I admit I haven't been as enthusiastic about their newer material as I was with this earlier era. I'm sure they won't play many of the songs from this setlist on Saturday so enjoy this classic show.

"MacEwan Ballroom"
Calgary, AB, Canada
October 12, 2007

Audience MASTER
Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Sharp MD-MT90> ADS Instant Music> USB> Nero Soundtrax> Wav>
Direct Wave MP3 Splitter> FLAC> rar

01. Intro [Classical Gas]
02. All The Things That Go To Heaven And Earth
03. Use It
04. Myriad Harbour
05. Electric Version
06. All The Old Showstoppers
07. Jackie, Dressed In Cobras
08. Challengers
09. The Laws Have Changed
10. The Spirit Of Giving
11. My Rights Versus Yours
12. Mass Romantic
13. Adventures In Solitude
14. Twin Cinema
15. Go Places
16. Sing Me Spanish Techno
17. Bleeding Heart Show

18. Mutiny, I Promise You
19. Jackie
20. From Blown Speakers
21. The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism

 length [86:18]

NEW PORNOGRAPHERS- 2007-10-12 FLAC Master. rar


JDGee said...

Thanks for all the NP, I try to never miss a show when they are in the area. Have not warmed up to the new lp yet, but suspect I will.

Anyone else having trouble opening the downloads?

robgronotte said...

Thanks for the request!

robgronotte said...

Opening the file didn't work for me with 7-zip or Express Zip, which was very unusual, but it worked with WinRAR.

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