Monday, October 27, 2008

Something New Mondays- October 27

Something new and something from 2007 for this week's post. Both albums are on the mellow side, but in no way are they less powerful and creative.

All Their Beauty- The Weepies are an indie pop-folk band fronted by Deb Talan and Steve Tannen, their music has been described as "subtly intoxicating folk-pop". Hideaway is their third full length release, but it was their previous work, Say I Am You that captured mainstream attention with many of their songs appearing on popular TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill etc. Normally I would avoid bands like this, but after a (cautious) listen I was fairly impressed. The songs are intelligent and their sound is unique, I only wish is that their songs were a little more upbeat and less subdued.

THE POSTMARKS- Summers Never Seem To Last
Goodbye- This album was actually released in 2007, but I just came upon this excellent debut album, the self-titled The Postmarks, while blog surfing last week. The Postmarks' Tim Yehezkely's wispy breathy vocal style is sweet and engaging that reminds me of french singers from the 60's or bossa nova girls of the same era. I love this disc, for the past few nights I've fallen asleep listening to this record (I usually listen to music in bed with headphones, it's a great way to relax and to listen intently), not because it's boring or sleep inducing, but because her voice is so soothing and it's shimmering strings and exquisitely beautiful melodies wisk me to sleep with a smile on my face.


The PMs said...

Sweet dreams!

Anonymous said...

When you mentioned bossa nova my mind immediately went to Astrud Gilberto. I can hear some siomilarities and yet enough difference for her to be considered as her own voice.

Very good listening.

This is the fourth artist/group you have featured lately that I really enjoy. We will have to discuss how I can buy this cd.


p.s. LJ has screwed something up which is why I need to post anon.

p.p.s. I need drop by one of these days when I am not working.

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