Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who Were The Electrocutes?

Back in high school, the future members of the band, the Donnas were known as the Electrocutes. Actually both bands co-existed for a short time, the Donnas become their alter- ego, the Electrocutes were their "real" band, while the Donnas were the outlet "joke" band playing songs that didn't fit the band's repertoire. The band strived to keep the two identities separate as they took on new identities as the Donnas. Each of their first names became Donna (kind of like the Ramones), along with the initial of their last name...Donna A, Donna C, Donna F, Donna R and they each wore a t-shirt with their fictional name on it. The Donnas sound was influenced heavily by the Ramones and progressed to a more mainstream rock-pop sound. The Electrocutes sound was a raw unrefined sloppy punk, fast, mean and loud. Very different!

The Electrocutes actually recorded an album back in 1996, when the members were 14 or 15 years old, called, Steal Yer Lunch Money that wasn't released during the Electrocutes existance , but when the Donnas gained some indie success, in 1999, Sympathy for the Record Company cashed in by finally releasing SYLM. I'm posting the whole album (it's not that long..18 minutes) because it's kind of a funny listen and personally I love hearing early gestations of bands that make it big...or at least gain a cult following.

THE ELECTROCUTES- Steal Yer Lunch Money
1. Daquiri Jacquerie
2. Solamente Tu
3. Assmar
4. Sno-Cap
5. Kitchen Floor
6. Eggnog
7. Futbol
8. Miller
9. Pink Piggies
10. Doombuggy
11. Eaga Beava
12. Hello No
13. Jasmean
14. En La Boca

download: Steal Yer Lunch Money (whole album)


Sociologian said...

I am sad that most of these links are dead :(

chud138 said...

Links worked for me, thanks!!!

Charlie said...

Thanks for sharing this. I also enjoy to see the progression through out the years.

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