Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Guess Who Live At River Heights Community Club

Since we're on the topic of Winnipeg and Burton Cummings, I thought it would be appropriate to post an early show from one of the most well-known bands to ever come out of Winnipeg.

Back in the early and mid-sixties, bands in Winnipeg played anywhere they could just for a chance to play in front of an audience of anxious teenage kids. Bowling alleys, drive-in theatres, coffee shops, restaurants and community clubs were a popular meeting place to hear the newest sounds from the many young bands in our city. I haven't seen a lot of early Guess Who live recordings especially with their original front-man, Chad Allan, so this is worth a listen even if you're not from the band's hometown.
Other reasons why this recording is special:
  • River Heights Community Club is where I played hockey from the age of 6-19. This is the neighborhood where I grew up and the community centre, or at least the hockey arena part of the building is where I spent a huge part of my childhood. The gymnasium was upstairs with an old stage and curtains (the last time I saw it was maybe 20 years ago?), this would have been similar to a school gym, but probably smaller.
  • Chad Allan was still the leader of the band, while Burton Cummings was a supporting player (piano), but takes lead vocals on a couple of songs. This may have been one of Allan's last shows with the Guess Who, so this is a pretty historic show.
  • The sound quality is great, especially given the time period. A soundboard recording both for the River Heights show and the bonus songs from the Winnipeg Arena. They could easily officially release this recording and I know there would be a demand with fans worldwide.
  • During this time period the band was known as the Guess Who?, the question mark would be dropped in 1968. They were formerly known as, Chad Allan And The Expressions.
River Heights Community Club
Winnipeg, MB
February, 1966

01 - Wham!
02 - Tribute To Buddy Holly
03 - Back & Forth
04 - Shy Guy
05 - Made In England
06 - Baby's Got A Brand New Beau
07 - Inside Out
08 - A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues
09 - Stop Teasing Me
10 - Shakin' All Over
11 - Where Have You Been All My Life
12 - Tossin' & Turnin'
13 - Instrumental (Title Unknown)
14 - Hey-Ho (What You Do To Me)
15 - Monday Monday (partial)
16 - California Girls
17 - I Should Have Realized
18 - It's The Loveliest Time Of The Year
19 - I'd Rather Be Alone
20 - I Saw Her Standing There
21 - Tuff E'nuff
22 - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (partial) (Vocal: Burton)
23 - Wait
24 - Blue Is The Night (Vocal: Burton)
25 - Little Latin Lupe Lu - Money (That's What I Want) (Vocals: Burton/Jim)
26 - Baby's Birthday
27 - Shakin' All Over (Winnipeg Arena)
28 - It's Too Late (Winnipeg Arena)
29 - I'm Down (Winnipeg Arena) (Vocal: Burton)
30 - Wham! (Original rip w/ tape glitch)

Chad Allan - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Burton Cummings - Keyboards, Vocals
Randy Bachman - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jim Kale - Bass, Vocals (Lead vocal on "Money")
Garry Peterson - Drums

THE GUESS WHO- Winnipeg, MB- Feb. 1966. rar


Anonymous said...

I remember me sister going to see them at the North End Y. My sister had thought Cummings was conceited but she later admitted he was good.

Her boyfriend (at the time)had been asked to join the band at one time. This was one of several invites from various bands he had received and he turned it down. I am not certain when in the band's early history this occurred.

Kelhard said...

Hi everyone.

This is sourced from my original torrent from many years back. Its nice to see the show still being traded.

If you want a lossless version of this (from my original SHN master let me know.


metal mike from little rock said...

the Burton-era 1966-67 Guess Who hitting the garage-punk pedal is so classic, when i saw their Animals cover/We Gotta Get Outta This Place from this live Feb '66 gig/boot posted on Youtube, it was impossible not to post a short 10-outta-10 comment viz the 1966-era Burton Cummings being one of the best punk lead singers everr x 10

where someone said "I love the Animals as a kid in HS but I never knew The Guess Who even existed until thing to ever come out of Canada."

which immediately required this short post from here in hayward CA:

yeaa the Clock on the Wall 45 side is "one of the greatest Animals tunes ever" x 10. (its dead on Eric Burdon vocals plus great tune in a ringer for the great Fall 1965 Animals sound). there's probably a long forgotten back story on how this Animals cover got dropped from the Guess Who set when Burton/Randy had/wrote their OWN Animals-style howler.

Believe Me and It's My Pride also beyond-classic 1966 garage-punk singles sides from these guys. It's My Pride (at least on the american pink-label Amy/Mala pressing) might be one of the greatest 60's hard rock sides EVER.

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