Saturday, March 06, 2010

Jonathan Richman- The Laura Palmer Tape

If you are a true Jonathan Richman fan (like I am!), this recording is truly an amazing find! I stumbled upon this recording when I was searching for information about the "Living Room demos" and I can't believe I hadn't heard about this before. This is another home recording from Jonathan, circa 1974, that is essentially an audio love letter to a girl named, Laura Palmer. Jonathan sings and talks directly to Laura about the difficulty he's having balancing the mic and how he has to stop the recording to change a string. This was recorded after the original Modern Lovers broke up so Jonathan was in a transitional period in his career. He experiments and "wings it" while he casually performs these demos of demos in his bedroom or living room. All I can say it that this is one of the most unique and special performances I've heard in a while and you MUST hear this!

The supposed back story about this tape is that many years after Laura received the tape she packed it away. She was visiting a friend who was playing some Jonathan Richman and she recognized the voice as someone she once dated. She still had the tape he had made for her and passed it onto the Jonathan Richman fan trading circles.
The volume is a little low, so crank it up!...Enjoy!!

The Laura Palmer Tape (1974)

Government Center
The New Teller
Thunderbolts Of Joy
My Honest Dear
Singing In The Rain
So Much Respect For You
I'm Not Alone (The Heaven's Love Me)
Hi Fred, We Still Love You
Flying Saucers Rock n' Roll
Wonderful Girl

JONATHAN RICHMAN- The Laura Palmer Tape. rar

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