Monday, March 01, 2010

Jonathan Richman In Your Living Room!

Not quite IN your living room, but pretty darn close. If you close your eyes while listening to this, you'd swear it was Jojo performing at your house, a strange, but unique concept. This recording surfaced as an acetate which are generally produced in very low quantity and often had hand written labels. It may have been made possibly for a promo or Jonathan was using this format much like recording to a cassette tape recorder. The intimacy of this recording makes it very charming and his loose performance is reminiscent to a practice in a bedroom or living room, hence these recordings became known as the Living Room Demos (aka: 74 Acetates). The music fills the gap between Richman's break-up from the Modern Lovers and post-76, the new version of the Modern Lovers. While some of the songs are fragments and some are repeated, this recording has some great songs still on it and offers an early look at Jonathan's unaffected child-like approach to performing that he started to embrace at this time and continued with throughout his career.

The Living Room Demos (1974)

I Feel Alright

Veil Of Cold

Crazy Little Mama

I See Your Light

Falling In Love Must Be Two Way

Awkward Love

Song Of Remembrance For Old Girlfriends

Hey There Little Insect

Goin' Home

Guitar Doodle No.1

Touch Me If You Want

Do You Believe In Magic

It Will Stand

Chat And Guitar Doodle No. 2

Let's Take The Long Way Home

Young And In Love

Just Wanna' Be Young

Government Center

Do de do do

Little Latin Lupe Lu

Winters Get Hard In New England

Song Of Remembrance For Old Girlfriends (LA Version)

Twist And Shout

Willie And The Hand Jive

Trip To The Sea

JONATHAN RICHMAN- Living Room Demos. rar

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