Sunday, February 21, 2010

Talking Heads- 1975 Demos

The Talking Heads were one of the most influential and critically acclaimed American bands from the 1980's. Their new wave musical style combined elements of punk, pop, avant-garde, world and art rock. In 1975, the trio of David Byrne, Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz recorded a series of demos for CBS, the label didn't sign them, but in 1977, Sire Records did.

What I'm posting today are those original CBS demos from November 1975, these are pretty much the earliest recording the band made. It contains songs that would appear on their first album, Talking Heads 77 and More Songs About Buildings and Food, as well as four songs that went unreleased until they appeared on the Vaseline In The Sand compilation. I'm not a huge Talking Heads fan, but I do love their first two albums. In fact, I think Talking Heads 77 is one of the best debut albums of the 70's! Maybe it's because they have a simple straight forward sound before they added more instrumentation and other worldly influences to their music. The demos are even more raw and basic, but the band is tight and precise. This is a historic and important recording that is a must for any Talking Heads fan and a very satisfying listen for anyone else.
(Note: I'm out of town for the first part of this week, but I have some more demos and unreleased material to share when I return.)

Demos, CBS Studios
New York, NY November, 1975

01 Psycho Killer
02 Sugar On My Tongue
03 Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
04 I Want To Live
05 I Wish You Wouldn't Say That
06 The Girls Want To Be With The Girls
07 Who Is It?
08 With Our Love
09 Stay Hungry
10 Tentative Decisions
11 Warning Sign
12 I'm Not In Love
13 The Book I Read
14 Love Goes To Building On Fire
15 No Compassion

Talking Heads- Demos 1975. rar

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Great boot!
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Thank you for sharing these demos !

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