Monday, February 08, 2010

Demo Week- Wilco A.M. Demos

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week, I've been sorting through my CD's and I've been stockpiling some interesting music to post. Along with live recordings, I'm also a big fan of demos, outtakes, rough mixes, rehearsals and alternative versions, this is music that usually doesn't appear on the official release. Sometimes the songs sound pretty much the same as the official release, sometimes totally different, but regardless, these recordings often provide a glimpse into the creative process of the band and we get to hear some material that was recorded, but for whatever reason never sees the light of day. Just as a forewarning, the sound quality of most demos aren't up to the sound quality of the released version, so don't expect perfect hi-fi. Many of these recordings have pops and static or they might sound a little muffled or the mix might be a little, they might be recommended more for fans or completest.

This week I'll be posting some random album demo recordings by random bands that should be heard. To kick off the week, I'm offering up some demos from Wilco's excellent debut album, A.M.
  • This was Jeff Tweedy's first release after the break-up of Uncle Tupelo and this album more than Wilco's later releases, continues musically where Uncle Tupelo left off, at least with Jeff's songs.
  • Jeff Tweedy forms Wilco only days after Uncle Tupelo's last show (May 1, 1994), he retains bassist John Stirratt, drummer Ken Coomer and Max Johnston from U.T. (minus Jay Farrar).
  • Brian Henneman, the lead singer of the Bottle Rockets plays lead guitar on the album. After the recording of the album, Henneman has to leave the band and is replaced by Jay Bennett.
  • Demo tracks were recorded in June, only weeks after the band forms. Wilco gets signed to Reprise and they record the full album in August.
  • Promising appears on the Chelsea Wall soundtrack and a 10" promo. Let's Hear It For Rock and Gone are never officially released (correct me if I'm wrong).
A.M. Demos (1994)

1. I Must Be High
2. Shouldn't Be Ashamed
3. Box Full Of Letters
4. Pick Up The Change
5. Passenger Side
6. Promising
7. Let's Hear It For Rock
8. Gone

WILCO- A.M.Demos. rar

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Michael said...

Great post. Some of my favorite Wilco demos. Track 8 is actually called "I Am Not Willing." It's a Moby Grape cover that appeared on the (UK only?) "Box Full Of Letters" single. Syd Straw on backing vox BTW...

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