Friday, February 19, 2010

Blake Babies- Sunburn Demos

To celebrate the release of Juliana Hatfield's latest album, Peace & Love this week (release date February 16, BUY IT!), I thought it would be appropriate to post some demos from her early days as a member of the Blake Babies. These demos are from their last full length release (until they reunion), Sunburn which was in my opinion their strongest, most commercially accessible album of their short, but influential career. Juliana Hatfield went on to fame and a long and successful (for the most part) solo career, while John Strohm and Freda Love kept it more small scale and indie, performing together in the band, Antenna. The Blake Babies reunited briefly in late 1999 and embarked on a US tour in 2001. Also in 2001, they released, God Bless The Blake Babies and their final release, an EP, Epilogue in 2002 before their "final" break-up.
  • I can't recall where I got these demos from, but a couple of my files were mislabeled (tracks 9 & 10). The sound quality is pretty good and for the most part the tracks are similar, but they have a slight looser, raw sound. As a fan of the band, that's what I like about demos.
  • Take Me and Downtime were not on the official release of Sunburn, but later appeared on the EP, Rosy Jack World.
Sunburn Demos (1989)
1. I'm Not Your Mother
2. I'll Take Anything
3. Star
4. Look Away
5. Train
6. Kiss And Make Up
7. Watch Me I'm Calling
8. Take Me
9. Downtime (file mis-labeled as, "Look Away")
10. A Million Years (mis-labeled as, "Sanctify")

BLAKE BABIES- Sunburn Demos. rar

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