Monday, February 15, 2010

Whiskeytown- Forever Valentine Demos

I was going to post this yesterday (February 14th, thought it would be appropriate), but watching Winter Olympic action distracted me too much.

Ryan Adams fronted the 1990's band Whiskeytown who were known to be very prolific, recording more material than they had room for on their official releases. Though they only released three albums, now many of these unreleased recording sessions have been available through tape trading and the wonder of the world-wide web. Adams continues his frantic recording pace well after Whiskeytown, writing and recording tons of good unreleased music, solo and with the Cardinals.

The Forever Valentine demos were recorded in December 1997 in Ralaigh, North Carolina. Here are some notes about the session from the website,
Personnel: Ryan Adams; Caitlin Cary; Mike Daly; Ed Crawford;
Skillet Gilmore; Chris Stamey; Ben Folds

Chris Stamey - "Skillet played drums, I played bass. Recorded in Raleigh at Scores/Slackmates, and at Modern, my place." "Addendum: I forgot to add that the piano player on the Forever Valentine Whiskeytown sessions was Ben Folds. My memory was jogged by his smashing show this Saturday at the Cradle."

Skillet Gilmore - "Forever Valentine was recorded around Xmas '97. The band at the
time (for the purposes of recording) was Ryan, Caitlin, Mike Daly, Ed Crawford on guit, Chris Stamey on bass and me." "Although the record was made in about a week, the challenge was actually that Ryan wanted to make a record without the label knowing about it. And so we did." (Thanks to Jonathan Lee for the information).

Forever Valentine (1997)
01 Anyone But Me (a/k/a Dial Tone)
02 Don’t Wanna Know Why
03 Easy Hearts
04 Sittin’ Around
05 Rays Of Burning Light (a/k/a Rays Of Light)
06 Ghost Without Memory
07 Runnin’ Out Of Road
08 Can’t Take A Lover (a/k/a Talkin’ In My Sleep)
09 Think About Me (a/k/a (What You) Think About Me)
10 Crazy Lonesome (a/k/a A Memory Away)
11 Caroline
WHISKEYTOWN- Forever Valentine. rar


Dana said...

Thanks much. I was hoping The Battle was on here, but no such luck.

Anonymous said...

Genial brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

fakie Wilde said...

cool! really wanted to hear some Whiskeytown with ED Crawford in there! thanks!

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