Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lemonheads- Fan Club CD

One person that was of great influence in Ben Kweller's solo career was Evan Dando from the Lemonheads. It was one of his ep's, Freak Out, It's Ben Kweller, that caught the attention of Dando and he invited him on tour with him. Jeff Tweedy, Juliana Hatfield and the band Guster also took notice and asked Ben to open for them. The feeling was mutual as I have some live recordings with Kweller doing Lemonheads covers in concert.

The Lemonheads are a band that have been around since 1986 with various incarnations and line-ups with the only constant being Evan Dando. Because of these constant changes to the line-up, the band has taken a few hiatus and rumours of their impending breakup are understandable, but with these breaks Dando has continued to perform live, then he eventually records another Lemonheads record.

Just before their longest hiatus from 1998-2004, a promo CD available only through their fan club was released consisting of covers, live tracks and acoustic versions of Lemonheads songs. Some of these songs made it onto b-sides, while others were exclusive to this release. For any Lemonheads fan this is a fine collection of songs, though this isn't a proper "official" release, but kind of a odds and ends disc of goodies.


Fan Club CD (1997)

01. Pin Yr Heart
02. If I Could Talk I'd Tell you (live Madrid)
03. Ride With Me (live Boston)

04. Down About It (acoustic)
05. Live Forever
06. Little Black Egg

07. Fade to Black (live Milan)

08. Divan

09. How Will I Know?

10. Confetti (acoustic)

11. Keep On Loving You (live Maison Rouge)

12. Losing Your Mind

LEMONHEADS- Fan Club CD. rar

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