Monday, May 10, 2010

Something New Mondays: Stars- "Fixed"

Tonight, I'm off to see Montreal band, Stars unveil songs from their upcoming album, The Five Ghosts, due to be released June 22nd. They are currently on tour, sort of an album pre-release tour of smaller Canadian clubs (US, as well) in support of the new disc. These shows will see Stars perform the new album in it's entirety during the first set, take a short break, then play a short set (encore) of fan requests (on-line voting) from their earlier albums. So far only a handful of Canadian cities have previewed the album, and only the single, Fixed has been available so far for fans to sample. It should be really interesting for their fans to hear these songs for the first time and it will give the band an opportunity to see their fan's reactions.

I feel fortunate to have tickets in hand for this unique show (I bought them the second they went on presale), as it has been sold out for a while, in due part because of the small intimate venue, the Pyramid (capacity 300). I am disappointed though, because I couldn't take my daughter (who is a bigger Stars fan than me) because it is a 18+ show, something that wasn't mentioned on the presale ticket information. I should have suspected this because the Pyramid is a bar, but it has hosted all-age shows in the past. I will attend with recorder in pocket and hopefully I can get a decent sounding recording to post on this blog...stay tuned!

STARS- Fixed mp3

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