Monday, July 05, 2010

Weakerthans- 4, 4, 4, 4

In December, Winnipeg band, the Weakerthans are performing a "retrospective" of their 4 studio albums for 4 shows in 4 nights at 4 different venues. This will give fans a rare opportunity to hear their select album played in it's entirety in a unique venue of their choice, from the intimate barroom of the Royal Albert Arms to the larger concert hall of the Burton Cummings Theatre. For their last few visits to their hometown, the Weakerthans have had no problem filling the Burt, so act quickly especially if you want to see them in one of the smaller venues.
The last time the band did something similar was in February 2002 to celebrate their 5th anniversary where they performed 4 shows in 4 different venues. If I recall correctly, they played at the Albert, Wellingtons, Pyramid and the WECC. I attended (and recorded) night #2 at the Albert. The difference was it that they only had released 2 albums up to that point and they previewed some tracks from Reconstruction Site. This may have been one of the first times they had performed One Great City. For this set of shows I bought tickets for the Left And Leaving show (WECC), because it's my favourite Weakerthans album and a ticket to the Fallow show at the Albert, because it's the smallest venue and probably the one that will sell-out quickest. Also they don't perform as many songs from that album anymore as they used to, so it will be cool to hear the entire first album. I highly recommend getting a ticket for those two shows first, as they will definitely be the hottest tickets of the bunch.

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