Saturday, July 03, 2010

Weeping Tile- Eepee

Continuing on with all-Canadian weekend, here's an early album from Canadian singer-songwriter, Sarah Harmer. Before Harmer embarked on a very successful solo career, she formed the band Weeping Tile who went on to release two full length albums and two ep's. Though I'm not a huge Sarah Harmer fan, I do enjoy Weeping Tile. They rock out a bit more and they have a looser sound than her solo work and her songwriting has a sincerity that isn't felt as much in her more recent albums. I have to admit though, I've been listening to her latest album, Oh Little Fire quite a bit lately and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Sarah Harmer is one of the big name headliners at this years Winnipeg Folk Festival, so I thought this early recording of her's might be of interest.

Weeping Tile's debut was a independent seven-song cassette released in 1994 and then they signed to a major label deal. They re-released the cassette in 1995 and titled it Eepee. Highlights include the original versions of Westray (later re-recorded for Cold Snap) and Basement Apt. (re-recorded on Harmer's, You Were Here), but the cover of Neil Young's, Don't Let It Bring You Down is worth the price (or download) of the album alone!

Eepee (1994)

  1. Anyone
  2. Basement Apt.
  3. Dogs and Thunder
  4. Don't Let it Bring You Down
  5. The Room with the Sir John A. View
  6. Westray
  7. King Lion
WEEPING TILE- Eepee. rar

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been trying to find this album for a while.

Still looking for the Great Black Night ep also.

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