Sunday, February 27, 2011

Graham Parker- One Stop Clearance

Here's a special treat for Graham Parker fans wanting to hear re-recorded versions of some of his older songs. The idea was to generate royalties from the new versions because the rights to the original recordings are owned (forever, apparently) by his old publishing company. So, his current publishing administrators proposed he re-record these songs to pitch to TV/film and other media and to generate royalties to Parker and his publishers, Primary Wave. Graham explains this in more detail on his blog, HERE. He's obviously not crazy about this idea, but he has to make a living. As far as I know this hasn't been "officially" released, but it is available as a promo and not officially for sale.
Please respect Mr. Parker's wishes and do not sell this recording.

Mike Gent on drums, guitar, backing vocals
GP on guitars and backing vocals
Ed Valauskas on bass
Professor “Louie” Hurwitz on keyboards and accordion

One Stop Clearance
AKA: "Stick It To The Man"

2008 promotional-only

1. Don't Let It Break You Down
2. Life Gets Better
3. Discovering Japan
4. Can't Be Too Strong
5. Depend On Me
6. Heat Treatment
7. My Love's Strong
8. Get Started, Start A Fire
9. Don't Ask Me Questions
10. Local Girls
11. Last Stop Is Nowhere
12. Protection
13. She Wants So Many Things
14. Soul Shoes
15. The Sun Is Gonna Shine Again
16. Next Phase
17. White Honey
18. Wake Up (Next To You)

GRAHAM PARKER- One Stop Clearance. rar


Nazz Nomad said...

cool- i look forward to comparing these to the original "and the rumour" versions

Anonymous said...

You are a GOD Sir!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I almost bought this on Ebay, but didn't want to line the pockets of someone if GP wasn't getting a cut.

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