Friday, February 25, 2011

The Replacements- January 19, 1985

By request, here's the complete concert for the Big Star cover, I'm In Love With A Girl, I posted last week. This is a favourite Replacements show with plenty of covers and a guest appearance by Alex Chilton. This show was a couple years before the Mats recorded and released the song, Alex Chilton, so this is kind of cool! Alex joins the band later in the set for a medley of covers from BTO, Bad Company, the Jackson 5, among others. This show doesn't get as crazy and drunken as their CBGB's show in December or as silly as the "Shit Hits The Fans" recording months earlier. Personally, some of the most memorable shows by the Mats are in the 1984-86 years, so if you see any of these recording, I highly recommend a listen. This period was when they were unpredictable and every setlist was different, there is never a dull moment. They could be brilliant one moment, then a totally drunken mess the next.

If you are interested in the legend of the Replacements' live show, be on the lookout for a new documentary that will analyse the influence the band has had on their fans and their personal stories of the band's mystique. Here's a brief description for the film, Color Me Obsessed:
Director Gorman Bechard brings an extraordinary vision to a unique filmmaking challenge with COLOR ME OBSESSED, the first documentary on the influential '80s indie-rock band, The Replacements. "I wanted to give the band god-like treatment," he explains, "but I didn't want to make a VH-1 where-are-they-now style documentary." Combining the band's mystique with the passion of their fans, Bechard made a music documentary with no music and not one single image of the band. 'People believe in god without ever seeing or hearing him or her," the director says. "I'd like viewers to believe in the band that way.'

I'm pretty excited about this project, though it would have been more amazing to see some actually footage of the band, but anything about the Replacements will peak my interest. Did I mention I'm an "backer" for this film? (and you can too!) I donated some money and I'll get an advanced copy of the film and my name will appear in the end credits...!! The film is almost done and should be released sometime this year. When I screen the film, I'll let you all know more about it.

Uptown Bar And Grill
Minneapolis, MN

January 19, 1985

Nowhere Is My Home
Heard You Been To College
Color Me Impressed
I'm In Love With A Girl
Can't Hardly Wait
I Will Dare
Favorite Thing
Polly Wolly Doodle
Waltzing Matilda
September Gurls
I Can't Turn You Loose
Baby Strange
Black Diamond
Lookin For Ya
When The Lights Are Out
Heart Of Stone
Left Here In The Dark
Answering Machine
Left Of The Dial
Gary's Got A Boner
If I Only Had A Brain
Kansas City Star
Takin' Care Of Business*
Help Me Rhonda*
Little GTO*
Can't Get Enough Of Your Love*
I'll Be There*
Hitchin' A Ride*

* Alex Chilton performs with the band

REPLACEMENTS- 1-19-85. rar


Anonymous said...

"A great big whiskey to ya"!!!

Anonymous said...

can you repost the concert. it doesn't seem to be loading. Thanks so much.

binky said...

Try again, it should be working now...or let me know if it still doesn't. I could try sending you the direct link?

Anonymous said...

I was at that show,and my friend made an audience recording of it which I still have on cassette. It might be slightly better quality.I wonder if this is off the same tape.What a great night it was indeed. Its sad we've lost Alex Chilton and the Uptown Bar. R.I.P

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