Monday, February 14, 2011

Song Of The Day- "I'm In Love With A Girl": Twice!

Alright, it was Valentine's Day today so hopefully everyone got their fill of chocolate, red foods (including wine) and valentine cards. It's always sickening to see all those happy loving couples "enjoying" themselves on this otherwise normal day, by doing happy loving couple things like dinner, flowers, chocolate and some good luvin'! I did half of those things, I ate leftovers, had a glass of wine, went to see the latest Harry Potter flick (it's at the cheap seats now!), ate popcorn, drank Coke and came home and inhaled a handful of M & M's. Yup, just a normal day.

The most sentimental I get on Valentine's is posting a love song, that hopefully my wife might have a listen to. Mariel posted a link on Facebook from a blog posting called, "Alex Chilton's I'm In Love With A Girl Is the Best Valentine's Song Ever" and I can't disagree. It's a beautiful heartfelt song featuring just Alex on the acoustic guitar. It's funny, because I first heard this song on a live Replacements bootleg from 1985, before hearing the original. Paul Westerberg was a huge Big Star fan and the band would often throw in a couple Big Star numbers in their live shows. I thought it would be fun to share both versions of the song and as a added bonus, The Replacements demo version of Valentine!

BIG STAR- "I'm In Love With A Girl"

THE REPLACEMENTS- "I'm In Love With A Girl" (live: Uptown Bar And Grill, Mpls, MN, Jan. 19, 1985)

THE REPLACEMENTS- "Valentine" (demo: Aug. 1986- last session with Bob Stinson)


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to post the entire Uptown Bar And Grill show? If so? That would be cool!

thanks for all the great downloads!

binky said...

Yes, it is possible. I was listening to the show today and thought the same thing. It's a very cool show with Alex Chilton joining the band for a bunch of songs, definitely one of my favourite Mats shows!

Give me a couple days and I'll post it at the beginning of the week.

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