Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gutterball- Turnyor Hedinkov

Gutterball is a supergroup that formed with members from prominent college-radio bands. Steve Wynn (vocals, guitar) from the Dream Syndicate, Stephen McCarthy (guitar, vocals) is from the Long Ryders, Bryan Harvey (vocals, guitar) and Johnny Hott (drums) from the House Of Freaks and Bob Rupe (bass) of the Silos. This all-star band concept reminds me a bit of Golden Smog because the music they make together is just as good (and often better) as the member's original bands. When you listen to Gutterball and Golden Smog records and their live recordings, you can hear the joy and feel the chemistry these musicians have. Gutterball recorded three albums, mainly of original material and toured during a good chunk of 1993-1995. For a tour archive and an extensive concert recording archive of the band, check out the Gutterball page at the traders site.

Turnyor Hedinkov is a hard to find import and was limited to only 2000 copies. It is a collection of demos of songs not found on Weasel (2nd album) and Gutterball (first album), as well as alternate versions of songs previously released. All the bands albums are well worth tracking down, I bought the first album on cassette, back in the day and I love it so much, I recently bought it on CD (used) because the tape sounds wavy. I bought the Weasel CD on eBay years ago and it too is excellent.

Turnyor Hedinkov (1995)
  1. Jimmy The Weasel
  2. That Fire That Burns Both Ways
  3. Turn Down The Heat
  4. Cheaper By The Pound
  5. Tarzana
  6. Turnyor Hedinkov
  7. Top Of The Hill
  8. Lester Young
  9. Trial Separation Blues
  10. Last Call Comes Mighty Early 'Round Here
GUTTERBALL-Turnyor Hedinkov. rar


Discohoho Stu said...

Wow - thanks! I didn't know there was a 3rd album. Songs don't get better than "When You Make Up Your Mind" from that 1st album.

Wm Perry said...

Wow-i cant believe i can successfully download froma 2011 posting. you must really keep on top of shit. Thanks

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