Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Young Fresh Fellows vs. Scruffy The Cat

Since Scruffy is scheduled to reunite for a show in June, I thought I would offer up a rare-ish piece of 7" vinyl. Here's a one-off release featuring a split single featuring two of my favourite bands, Scruffy The Cat and Young Fresh Fellows. I have most of their official releases and I enjoy it all, but these two bands stand out in my mind because of their incredible live shows. I saw Scruffy The Cat at the Le Rendez-Vous in Winnipeg opening for Vancouver band, 54-40. Suffice to say, I left after the Scruffy set and didn't stick around to see 54-40, I saw what I came for and the 35-40 minutes of STC's frantic set was well worth the money! Their energetic show had me wish I saw them in a smaller venue as the headliner and I regret not seeing them a year or two later in an Osborne Street bar. The Fellows are always a great live band and unfortunately I've only seen them also as an opening band. In Winnipeg, in 1990 (?) with the Hoodoo Gurus and in 1992 opening for They Might Be Giants at the legendary Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. Definitely some of my fondest concert memories and all these shows left a lasting impression that had a huge impact on the music I listen to.

This 7" featured exclusive songs from both bands, as the Scruffy the Cat side is what I think is their last song they ever released (correctly if I'm wrong). The Fellows song is amazing, one of my favourites. Fun, super short, but sweet!!

(Note: Not sure which side is the A or B-side? I didn't transfer my vinyl copy, but instead uploaded a digital copy I downloaded.)

Split 7" single (1989)

YFF side- My Boyfriend's In Killdozer
STC side- Love Song #9

YFF vs STC- 7 in. split. rar


Paul said...

two of my favourite bands, too. Never saw Scruffy but loved the first few records very much. Saw the YFFs maybe 5 times now, always great. A band I was in used to try and play "My boyfriend is in Killdozer". Heady times. Amazingly, that didn't make us locally famous, or even slightly popular.

Hey, if you get a chance to re-post that "Gag Feh" YFF live cassette, perhaps the world will have the chance to recall whether it was worth it. Or at least we can hear the infamous orange juice factory joke.


chairboy said...

Hi just found your sight for the first time and it's excellent!I picked this single up at a YFF gig in Sand Diego where they were supported by Skid Roper - I was visiting from the UK so it was like Xmas had come early.

Oxy said...

Somehow, I never checked back to see if you had any STC shows I needed. Found two and the sound quality on both is excellent. A great big thanks for the ups!

As for this post, we have a 45 with two great bands well represented. If you're still wondering, Scruffy got the A-side (a Chesterman song) and the YFF B-side is a Scott McCaughey composition.

*One last item* Everyone reading this should do themselves a huge favor and pick up the recently released 5 Part/CD package, "Scott the Hoople in the Dungeon of Horror" by The Minus 5, a Scott McCaughey (of YFF) work with a ton of great talent backing. Superb stuff!

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