Monday, May 30, 2011

Scruffy The Cat- Boom Boom Boom Bingo

I had a request for this, but also I thought it was a nice tie in with the start of the Stanley Cup finals on Wednesday with the Vancouver Canucks versus the Boston Bruins. Scruffy The Cat hails from Boston or should I say hailed, since they haven't released an album or performed together in over 20 years. Scruffy the Cat is a long time favourite of mine (as well as here on TDIT) and I even had the thrill of seeing them live once in 1987 (?) when they were touring the BBBB record.

Fans of the band will be thrilled to hear they are planning to reunite for a one-off show on June 12th at TT the Bear's in Boston. Unfortunately, the circumstances of this reunion is a fundraising benefit concert for Scruffy front man, Charlie Chesterman who was diagnosed with colon cancer last year and has been undergoing intensive chemotherapy treatments. There is a sweet line-up of bands performing, including The Upper Crust, The Raging Teens, Barrence Whitfield, Chaz & The Motorbikes (Charlie's most recent band) and former Scruffy members Stephen Fredette (guitar), Randall Gibson (drums), Burns Stanfield (keyboards), and possibly Stona Fitch (banjo) are expected to play onstage together, with Chesterman, for the first time since disbanding in 1990. If you are anywhere near the Boston area on June 12th, I urge you to support this cause and take in what I expect to be an amazing day of music. For more details about this show and about how you can contribute and donate to a fund set up for Chesterman and his family, go to and the Facebook event page, Friends Of Charlie Chesterman Benefit. I hear they might be selling some new Scruffy the Cat t-shirts at the benefit, I would LOVE to buy one of those! I bought a shirt back in 1987, but it's now threadbare, torn .

Boom Boom Boom Bingo is a five-song EP that was released between the Tiny Days and Moons Of Jupiter albums. The EP consists of 2 new originals and 3 live songs and the music is upbeat. Song for song it's a pretty good listen, too bad it's so short.

Boom Boom Boom Bingo (1987)

1. You Dirty Rat
2. Blue Russian
3. Shadow Boy (live)
4. Runaway (live)
5. Happiness to Go (live)

SCRUFFY THE CAT- Boom Boom Boom Bingo. rar


chris yackoboski said...

Oh my gosh, I love Scruffy the Cat. If I could somehow transport myself to that show it would make my year. My Scruffy shirt is beat too, but I still keep it. Glad you posted this, I haven't got around to digitizing my record.

Josh said...

I am so sorry to hear about Charlie Chesterman. I hope he gets well.

I wore out two Scruffy the Cat t-shirts back in the late 1980s. I will be looking closely to see if I can buy some online, esp. if it will help raise money for the treatments.

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