Tuesday, May 24, 2011

They Might Be Giants- The Flood Show

Credit: Susan Howson / Richmond.com

Thanks for your kind comments, I will be do best to get to some of your requests this week. Before I get to that, I have something else on my mind. In the city and Province where I live, there are two major news stories dominating the headlines for the last few weeks. First, the NHL looks like it will return to Winnipeg when the sale from Atlanta is completed. Supposedly, according to reliable sources, the sale is a mere formality and an official announcement is expected any day now. If you aren't from Canada or even North America, you might not understand why this is such a huge issue. You see here in Winnipeg, we lost our NHL franchise, the Jets when it was sold and moved down south to Phoenix. You would think a franchise in a cold, hockey-type climate could support a pro hockey team, but with the financial situation at the time with high salaries, low Canadian dollar and an inadequate arena, it became difficult and seemingly impossible to keep the team. Winnipeg is a hockey hungry city and though it's AHL affiliate, the Manitoba Moose was a suitable substitute, it still wasn't the NHL. Anyways, their return is imminent and this is huge news in our mid-sized Canadian city.

The other "big" news story in my region is the flood. The rising waters of the Red River and Assiniboine River has kept people on edge with evacuations and much loss of property and homes in this annual battle against Mother Nature. This appears to be one of the worst floods ever for this region even topping the "Flood of the Century" in 1997.

As a tribute or at least because I came across this CD the other day, I'm posting a live show from They Might Be Giants performing the complete Flood album. This album was originally released in 1990 and this concert celebrated the 10th anniversary of the album. I received this disc in a trade, but it was recorded and released exclusively through TMBG Unlimited which was a collection of mp3-only albums which were available to eMusic subscribers (no longer). The sound quality is excellent, thought there is some static on the opening track and according to the setlist for the show, this recording is incomplete because they play additional songs besides the Flood set. Regardless, this is a great compliment to one of They Might Be Giants most popular albums.

Bowery Ballroom

New York, NY

"The Flood Show"

November 30, 2000

Theme From Flood
Birdhouse In Your Soul
Lucky Ball & Chain
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
Particle Man
Your Racist Friend
We Want A Rock
Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
Hearing Aid
Minimum Wage
Whistling In The Dark
Hot Cha
Women & Men
Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love
They Might Be Giants
Road Movie To Berlin

TMBG- The Flood Show, 11-30-00. rar

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Anonymous said...

I cant believe this! Susan Howson,the photographer for the live shot, used to work for me at Plan 9 Music in Richmond. Thats so cool!

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