Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weeping Tile- 1995 Live CBC Broadcast

Photo of Weeping Tile by Graham Kennedy

Another CBC radio broadcast recorded in Toronto. This is also from 1995 with Kingston band, Weeping Tile, that helped launch the career of a TDIT fav, Sarah Harmer. Much of the material is from their first major label record, Cold Snap and fans of the band will be pleased to hear this is a great sounding show recorded at the Opera House. This is the only Weeping Tile show I've heard, so I'm guessing they are hard to come by. So if you have any of their shows, let me know.

Opera House

Toronto, Ont.

Sept. 22, 1995
CBC Real Time

01. intro
02. Joint Account
03. Poked
04. Cold Snap
05. UFO Rosie
06. Good Fortune
07. Westray
09. The Room with the Sir John A. View
10. Handkerchiefs and Napkins
11. Pushover
12. The Grin
13. Sinner
14. outro

WEEPING TILE- Toronto 9-22-95. rar


Donna said...

I love what you do- great blog. If you have any Sloan, I'd love to get anything and everything I could.

Matías said...

Your blog is amazing! Thanks to you I heard Plumtree playing live, something I never thought I could do. I can not express in words how grateful I am for that. I would love to hear more live Plumtree performances or any material related to that band.

I'm a huge Plumtree fan, I also like the salteens, the inbreds, sloan.

Thank you very much! Sorry my bad english, I'm from Argentina.


binky said...

Thanks Donna and Matias for the support! I wish I had more time to dedicate to this blog, I'll try to get to some of your requests soon. Glad to hear there are others with such great taste in music!

Mechanical Forest Sound said...

Dunno if "reunion era" WT is as precious to you, but there's this set over at B(oot)log — and I think maybe more there, too, if you dig around.

binky said...

Thanks for the tip MFS, just downloaded the WT set. Lots of other good stuff here too!

L said...

More kudos for your blog and these wonderful performances. Many many thanks.

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