Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sloan- Live At The Halifax Music Festival 1996

The cartoon above was drawn by Paul Covello.

Last night, Sloan played in my city as part of their 20th anniversary tour. I slightly regret not going, as I have never seen the band live, but I had family from out of town visiting so I missed the show. I heard they might play at least a song from each of their 10 albums and I'm really hoping someone recorded the show. Sloan's latest album, Double Cross (XX) is a fine album, maybe their best since the 90's and I wouldn't mind hearing live versions of songs from that record.

Until someone posts a show from their current tour somewhere online, I'll have to be content to listening to older shows. During the mid-90's many of their live shows were broadcast on CBC radio, I have a few I've downloaded and I have a couple on cassette that I recorded off the radio. One such show is from 1996, during the Halifax Music Festival which I recently transferred from cassette. During the broadcast, there was short sets by Change Of Heart, Scud Mountain Boys, Push-Kings, SIANspheric and Sloan. I'm not sure if Sloan's set is complete or not, but I'm hoping it was just short because of all the other bands on the bill on the same night. This show would have been circa, One Chord To Another and some consider this Sloan's height of commercial popularity (at least this is one of my favourite Sloan records), if they ever really had any. Anyways, if the response is good I'll post more Sloan shows and if anyone can help with the setlist (I'm too busy and tired right now), that would be appreciated. Thanks!

The Birdland
Halifax, NS

September 14, 1996

SLOAN- 9-14-96. rar


mwothe said...

Just saw Sloan on Friday for the first time sober and duly impressed. They certainly appear to be enjoying themselves. Thanks for the link.

factory44 said...

GREAT SHOW! Thanks so much for posting this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post ALL of the Sloan shows you have! I've been a fan for almost 20 years, and I've had a very hard time finding live Sloan stuff. I want to hear anything and everything! They are playing my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA on June 23rd for the first time in 13 years. I'll be pressed right up front against the stage!

Matías said...

Freaking awesome! d-d-d-d-downloading this rigth now, thank you very much!

evil eye hOneytree said...

I saw them in Chicago last night for the first time and it was amazing. I've been hooked on them since Twice removed came out but never been tto a show. We drove 3 hours yesterday. I would also enjoy any other live stuff you post. Thanks for this link!

Anonymous said...

i haven't listened yet, but if this show is the CBC broadcast from "Halifax on Music" festival, it's shortened, and indeed edited in a different running order.
i was at this show (and recorded it), and seem to recall the CBC broadcast being somewhat different. there was a half-assed impromptu cover of "what difference does it make?" by the smiths (which chris implored of the CBC to please not broadcast) near the end of the set.
i recall it only being about an hour long.
this show also happened during one of the worst hurricanes i'd ever dealt with at the time, and although power was completely out in about 75% of halifax/dartmout, the birdland still (somehow) had power, and the show went on.
this is still one of my favourite sloan performances!

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