Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blake Babies- Rosy Jack World

This week I will try to post your requests!

When I was in Toronto, I bought a used copy of the Blake Babies first album, Nicely, Nicely. I had a digital version already, but I figured it's hard to find and it would be cool to have the actual CD. It was a consideration to post here, but I had already posted their last EP and then I was asked if I had a rip of the Rosy Jack World, the last release before the Blake Babies broke up...the first time!

Released in 1991, this 5-song EP featured 2 covers (Temptation Eyes, Severed Lips) and 3 originals. This mini-album was a solid way to close out their all too brief career. The disc also gave foreshadowing of what was to come for Juliana Hatfield who went solo after this release and even re-recorded the song Nirvana (just acoustic guitar and vocals from Juliana) for her debut album, Hey Babe released a year later.

Rosy Jack World (1991)

  1. Temptation Eyes
  2. Downtime
  3. Take Me
  4. Severed Lips
  5. Nirvana
BLAKE BABIES- Rosy Jack World. rar


mwothe said...

thanks binky, I have this somewhere. I remember "downtime" making a lot of driving mixes at the time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Binky (and for Sloan)

biopunk said...

Thanks Binky!

Leon said...

So awesome! Thank you! I interviewed Juliana around this time for a publication and she went on and on about how much Dinosaur Jr's "You're Living All Over M" LP meant to her. Great to hear a D-Jr cover here!!

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