Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blake Babies- Epilogue

While browsing the PledgeMusic page, I couldn't help myself and I bought an original Juliana Hatfield artwork (acrylic painting) with proceeds going towards her new album and her support of dog (and cat) shelters. Looking forward to framing it up and getting up in my music room, I'll post a photo when I receive the artwork.

I also noticed she had up for sale, the rare last Blake Babies EP called, Epilogue which was sold only at shows (Some Girls) and was self-released through Juliana's, Ye Olde Records. This is now her preferred manner to release new music without having to appease record label execs and the mass audience. This five-song EP was the last ever songs recorded by the Blake Babies around the time they got back together for their 2001 reunion tour. On the PledgeMusic page, Juliana was selling the last three sealed copies and they sold out quickly for $200 each. I know this isn't a substitution for the real thing, it would be extremely cool to have a copy of this EP, but for those that can't afford it or can't find it because it's out of print, I think it's definitely worth the listen. Some interesting covers and a re-mix of Nothing Ever Happens, is an appropriate nice end to this chapter of the Blake Babies. I'm still kicking myself for not driving to Minneapolis to catch one of their reunion shows! It's been another 10 years since then, how about another reunion?

Epilogue (2002)
  1. Walk A Thin Line
  2. Shakin' Street
  3. I Wanna Be Sedated
  4. My Motor
  5. Nothing Ever Happens (remix)
BLAKE BABIES- Epilogue. rar


WhatTS said...

$200, who'da thunk. My Motor's a pretty decent original.... You have a rip of Rosy Jack World by chance? Seems like couple of the tracks have been made it into the digital world

binky said...

Yeah, I have a Rosy Jack World rip somewhere. If it's out of print and when I find it, I will post it.
thanks for the request!

Just8 said...

When the epilogue EP was put up for sale on the Blake Babies website some years ago, you could not order it by credit card, paypal, European bank account or even sending cash. Therefore this EP was sadly absent from my Blake Babies collection.
So thanks for posting this.
I saw them live once (they toured Europe only once if I'm correct): they opened for Buffalo Tom (who had just released 'Let me come over').
Both bands were great.

mwothe said...

thanks bink groovy as usual

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have been searching for this forever - THANK YOU. I saw them on that reunion tour and their cover of "I Walk A Thin Line" by Fleetwood Mac has stuck with me all these years. Great band, and I also love Juliana's solo work and the offshoot band Antenna too.

Again, thank you so much for sharing!

- Rosie

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