Monday, May 02, 2011

The Pixies- Live In Winnipeg, April 2011

Photo by Pong0814

If you're a fan of the Pixies and specifically the Doolittle record, this show is a must listen. I've listened to my recording of the concert show twice at work already and I'm pretty happy how it turned out, except of course for the usual overly enthusiastic fan boys behind me. Apparently one of them "loves Kim" and he wasn't ashamed to let everyone know for most of the show. At least they weren't talking throughout the concert, which in my taping annoyances list is the worst offense.

If you have an account, I recommend the FLAC version posted on Dime. (If you love live recordings, try to sign up!) If you don't plan to trade the show or you don't care if the music is compressed, see the mp3 file below.

Centennial Concert Hall

Winnipeg, MB

April 27, 2011

01. Dancing The Manta Ray
02. Weird At My School
03. Bailey's Walk
04. Manta Ray
05. Debaser
06. Tame
07. Wave Of Mutilation
08. I Bleed
09. Here Comes My Man
10. Dead
11. Monkey Goes To Heaven
12. Mr. Grieves
13. Crackity Jones
14. La La Love You
15. No. 13 Baby
16. There Goes My Gun
17. Hey
18. Silver
19. Gouge Away

20 encore crowd

21. Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)
22. Into The White

23. encore 2 crowd

24. Winterlong
25. Bone Machine
26. The Holiday Song
27. Nimrod's Son
28. Where Is My Mind?
29. Gigantic

PIXIES- 2011-04-27. rar

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Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks. I'm resisting seeing them tomorrow night because I want to maintain that sweet memory of a magical show 20 years ago. That and I didn't even know they were touring and therefore didn't get tix. <3

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