Monday, May 16, 2011

The Rugburns- Mommy I'm Sorry

Back from Toronto and I was thinking the theme of the next few posts will be Toronto-related in some way. Probably not Toronto bands, but either the venue or a song reference or something. Had a great time, though in reality I was only there one full day and two halves, I love walking around and exploring a different city. You see, I live in a mid-sized city (3/4 million), so when I visit a larger city, I'm still in awe of their subway system, art galleries, shopping (record stores!) and tall skyscrapers.

Speaking of skyscrapers of Toronto, I've been meaning to post this EP, Mommy I'm Sorry by The Rugburns for some time now. If you're never listened to or heard of the Rugburns and you like music with some humour and lots of cynicism, this is a good one! This 6-song EP contains probably their best-known song and live favourite, Dick's Automotive. I have a few live versions of this song and it's one of the craziest insane songs I've ever heard...a classic! The rest of the disc is pretty good too, including a nice remake of the Sesame Street theme. These guys are great and I highly recommend their full-length albums, Morning Wood and Taking The World By Donkey.

Though the band doesn't play much anymore front-man, Steve Poltz still tours and records regularly. You may see him at a house concert near you.
(FYI- Poltz is Canadian-born (Halifax)!)

For a sampling of the Rugburn's live show, has downloads and streaming of some of their concerts.

Mommy I'm Sorry (1995)
  1. The Fairies Came
  2. Lockjaw
  3. Dick's Automotive
  4. This Flood
  5. Skyfuckingline Of Toronto
  6. Sesame Street
THE RUGBURNS- Mommy I'm Sorry. rar


Lucas Gelati said...

Dick's Automotive is awesome! :D

By the way, do you have a band? Or had a band? If you did, you could post something here :)

Anonymous said...

"By the way, do you have a band? Or had a band? If you did, you could post something here :)"

There does seem to be a link to some band called Zamboni Joe on the main page of this blog. Perhaps that would be of interest.

Lucas Gelati said...

lol, I can't believe it took me so much time to find it :P

LD said...

Very good, thanks! The 'Burns were one of the best live bands in the mid-'90s. Hilarious fast-twitch awesomeness for drunks. Definitely check out their live sets if you can.

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