Monday, October 03, 2011

The Jayhawks- Mockingbird Time Live!

The Jayhawks released their latest record, Mockingbird Time on September 20th, their first studio release in eight years and their first with their "classic" lineup of Olson/Louris/O'Reagon/Perlman/Grotberg since 1995's, Tomorrow The Green Grass. They have definitely retained their distinct sound on this release that makes you almost think this could have been recorded right after TTGG. Instead Olson split from the band in 1996 and Louris carried on with the rest of the band to produce some equally (even better, depending on your taste) fine music. This new record has risen the band from their reunited status and are touring in support of the new album instead of only playing songs from pre-1996 as if time stood still. I'm hoping they incorporate some songs from the post-Olson records on the latest tour, because I would love to hear, Big Star, I'm Gonna Make You Love Me and Tailspin, again.

What we have here is an invitation-only performance at the historic Fitzgerald Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota a week before the release of Mockingbird Time. The show was recorded and broadcast on the 89.3 The Current and emceed by Mary Lucia. The band performs most of the album along with interview segments with Mary and they close the show with some of their classic tunes. A stream of the concert and some video is now on The Current page, as well as at npr. I'm not sure if the broadcast includes the entire concert (anyone there?), but the sound quality is near perfect so this is a must...and the new stuff sounds good, especially live!

The Jayhawks
Fitzgerald Theater

Saint Paul, MN, USA

September 13th 2011

Live Broadcast on 89.3 The Current
MC - Mary Lucia
FM Broadcast

1. Intro's
2. She Walks In So Many Ways
3. Closer to Your Side
4. Hide Your Colors
5. interview / bio /etc
6. Tiny Arrows
7. stage banter
8. High Water Blues
9, Guilder Annie
10. Interview
11. I'd Run Away
12. Anne Jane
13. Tampa to Tulsa
14. Red's Song
15. Blue
16. Outro's

THE JAYHAWKS- Sept 13, 2010. rar

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