Tuesday, October 11, 2011

R.E.M. Cassette Set

Last week I read an article online from Paste Magazine about a cassette demo recorded by R.E.M. back in 1981. Apparently, this has leaked on the good ol' internet and has appeared on some music blogs. A couple days earlier I saw it on Dime and didn't think much of it (since there are only a handful of songs), then I read the article and realized what a rare find this really is and how I would be crazy if I didn't download this artifact. I thought there might be some R.E.M. fans that read this blog or at least fans like myself that bought all their albums up until the early 90's. I've been re-buying (and downloading) their early albums again mainly for the bonus material. It brings back pleasant memories of when I first heard the song, So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) and buying the album, Reckoning when it was first released at Pepper Records, that was directly across the street from the University of Winnipeg. Nowadays, I've been happy to listen to Peter Buck's projects such as The Minus 5, Baseball Project, Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3 and Tired Pony or anything he and Scott McCaughey have a hand in.

The cassette tape contains three songs, a couple versions or takes of each and supposedly there was only about 400 made. For a more detailed history and story behind the tape, I recommend the music blog, The Power Of Independent Trucking.

Cassette Set (1981)

  1. Sitting Still (fast "Polka" version, snippet)
  2. Sitting Still
  3. Radio Free Europe
  4. White Tornado
  5. White Tornado (take 2, snippet)
  6. Radio Free Europe (radio dub)
R.E.M. Cassette Set. rar (mp3)
R.E.M. Cassette Set FLAC (get this one if you know how to convert the files!)


Chris said...

Wow. Never knew of this tape. Thanks for the share. Looks mighty interesting.

James said...

Any post with the word 'cassette' in it has my undivided attention, but REM?! Bonus YAY! :-D

A-Mfan said...

New for me. Thanks for sharing it

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