Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Squirrels- What Gives?

There have been a lot of records that haven't received the attention or gotten the recognition they fully deserve. This is the first of a mini-series of what I consider overlooked classics, albums that I think are important and should be heard. Some of these albums are out-of-print and hard to find, while others might be still readily available, so hopefully there's something of interest for at least some of you.

The first album I want to share is a request, The Squirrels, What Gives? This is an amazing album (CD) that is bizarre and strange with some unbelievably catchy songs, but it is unlike anything you'll hear today. Rob Morgan leads an all-star cast of Seattle cult-heroes from the likes of all the Young Fresh Fellows (McCaughey, Bloch, Carroll, Sangster, Hutchison), a couple of Posies (Auer, Stringfellow), Dennis Diken (Smithereens) as well as the regular Squirrels line-up (Eric Erickson, Joey Kline and Craig Ferguson) as they make up various incarnations of the Squirrels Group/New Age Urban Squirrels/Mighty Squirrels. Some great covers (Game Of Love, Vincent Van Gogh), and an eclectic mix of originals highlighted by, Oz '90 (an all-new mix of their previously released classic single, "Oz on 45"). This song is worth the price of the CD alone, but the whole disc is a wild ride of weirdness that must be heard to be believed. As I've previously mentioned on past posts, this was my first ever CD (I bought it in Seattle in the early 90's!), even preceding my purchase of my first CD player. I got a friend to dump it onto a cassette tape so I can at listen to it. Probably one of my best "blind" (albums/CD's I had no idea what the band sounded like before buying) purchases ever!

What Gives? (1990)

1. Game of Love
2. Vincent Van Gogh
3. One in the Spirit
4. Timothy
5. TV Leg
6. My Gal
7. Wild Honey Pie
8. Please Behave
9. Oz '90 [Medley: Ding, Dong the Witch Is Dead/If I Only Had a Brain
10. Pope on a Rope (Cigarette Butt)
11. Get Down
12. The Demise of Ricky Nelson
13. Lean on Me
14. Woman's Prison
15. Let Me!

THE SQUIRRELS- What Gives. rar


kev said...

Ive only done 4 tracks and this is brilliant thank you very much.don't know what we would do over in England without your vast Scott knowledge. thank you very much love our work

robgronotte said...

I'd love to see anything else by the squirrels - I read online that they have many singles and compilation appearances.

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