Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Baseball Project- Live At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

photo taken from podcast party
An unlikely venue, but the Baseball Project has played a lot of non-music events such games, obviously. The Baseball Project performed at the Met in celebration of the exhibition Breaking the Color Barrier in Major League Baseball and the Museum's renowned permanent baseball card collection. This special set was captured on video and the complete show was posted on YouTube and for your convenience and mine (I didn't feel like bookmarking it), here on TDIT.

As you might have guessed I'm a big fan of all the members of the Baseball Project, together in this project and their other bands (Minus 5/YFF, R.E.M., Dream Syndicate, Zuzu's Petals). Joining Scott, Steve, Linda and Peter is R.E.M. bassist, Mike Mills who contributes organ, piano and bass. In the past, Mills has subbed for Buck when he's been absent. I saw the band in St. Paul a number of years ago and I still fondly reminisce about that show, definitely a highlight in my concert-going career and meeting the band after the show is one of my biggest thrills ever.
This video is outstanding and pro-shot, so sit back and enjoy!

The Metropolitan Of Art
New York City, New York
April 13, 2012

All Future and No Past
Fair Weather Fans (with new Mike Mills verse replacing the Peter Buck verse)
Jackie’s Lament
Gratitude for Curt Flood
Chin Music
Harvey Haddix
Jefferson Burdick (new song about the man who donated his baseball card collection to the Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Satchel Paige Said
Here Lies Carl Mays
Buckner’s Bolero
Ted Freaking Williams (expurgated version)
Panda and The Freak
Past Time

Encore: Ichiro Goes to the Moon

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