Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Volcano Suns- WERS Metrowave, April 7, 1985

As a live music fan (and tape trader), live in-studio radio broadcast performances by a band are considered a premium for many reasons. Unlike the unpredictability of a concert in front of screaming fans, radio studio shows offer:
  • a near perfect sound quality, studio quality.
  • chance of better musicianship and good performances, less drunkenness (not always), less distractions etc.
  • easy to record the performance, if you have a radio and a recorder, that's all you need. I recorded many great in-studio performances on my combo radio/tape deck (ghetto blaster).
  • interview- perhaps some insight into the band, can be interesting and informative and sometimes funny. (though not always)
I know that nothing beats the experience of witnessing a band play live, but sometimes the sound quality coming out of the speakers and/or the chatter and screaming of the audience makes playback not as enjoyable. A good quality soundboard recording is also worth seeking, but even that can be grittier and less balanced than a radio broadcast. There are many good sources for live radio performances, such as CBC radio, shows like Q regularly feature a live guest and Concerts on Demand features a large range of genres. In the states, several well known radio programs feature(d) live performances such as Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW in Santa Monica, WFMU in Hoboken, NJ, WFMU in East Orange, NJ and WERS in Boston. Daytrotter sessions from Rock Island, IL hosts many artists each week and their sessions are available for a listen and download on their website, daytrotter.com. At one time it was free, but now you have to pay for a membership, though $2 a month is an awfully good deal.
For the next week or so, I'll post a variety of radio broadcasts by some of my favourite artists. For now, I'll keep the broadcasts the "in-studio" shows as opposed to a radio station broadcast of a live concert in a club or concert hall.

Though I am not from Boston, I have several recordings from the Metrowave program on WERS at Emerson College in Boston. Up until 1989 they used to broadcast bands every Sunday evening giving an opportunity for Boston area bands to perform on the radio. One of my favourite recordings from this station is a session with the Volcano Suns. Earlier this year, I posted their first album, The Bright Orange Years, but unfortunately I was forced to delete the link due to a complaint and threat of further action. The good news is that this VS's show is amazing and I personally like this better than the album. The performance is tight and the sound is bright and near perfect. If you're a fan or are curious about the band this is not to be missed, this might be their finest moment!

WERS Metrowave 1
Emerson College, Boston, MA
April 7, 1985
FM Radio Broadcast

1. Over The Wall
2. Ridge The Cog
3. Four Letters
4. The Mouth That Roared
5. Balancing Act
6. It's Stew Time
7. Promise Me
8. Truth Is Stranger
9. JAK
10. Room With A View
11. Walk Around
12. Silvertone
13. Greasy Spine
14. 1999

VOLCANO SUNS- WERS Metrowave 1985-04-07 FLAC. rar


Jamie Anderson said...

Thanks. Bumper Crop is still a fave of mine.

FuseRed said...

Great stuff, think this is is my favourite Volcano Suns recording - thanks!

Also, totally agree about the radio sessions being better than studio recordings at times... which is why I've done http://radiosessions.blogspot.com

binky said...

Thanks for the shout-out (link)! You have some good stuff on your blog well worth checking out! Stay tuned for more!

Anonymous said...

the picture is the wrong line-up of the band.

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