Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Baseball Project- Live At WFMU April 10, 2012

A few days before the concert at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art, the Baseball Project dropped in at WFMU on the Three Chord Monte program for a live in-studio performance and interview. A trio version of the band (Steve, Scott and Linda) played a nice "warm-up" acoustic set before their appearance at Maxwell's later that day. I'm always up for any live Baseball Project shows, any chance anyone recorded the Maxwell's show?

I downloaded this set from Free Music in case you want to listen to the individual tracks before downloading (as well as any other WFMU programs).

"The Three Chord Monte" with Joe Belock
Live at WFMU
Jersey City, NJ
April 10, 2012

01. All Future And No Past
02. Chat I
03. I Shant Be Back
04. Chat II
05. Fair Weather Fans
06. Chat III
07. Phenom
08. Chat IV
09. 1976
10. Interview

Today's lineup:
Steve Wynn guitar, vocals;
Scott McCaughey guitar vocals;
Linda Pitmon drums, vocals

THE BASEBALL PROJECT- WFMU April 10, 2012. rar
(note: These files are mp3 format)

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