Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Juliana Hatfield & Evan Dando Live On The World Cafe 1993

Juliana Hatfield have a lot of history between them, from their days in Boston in the mid 80's while she was a member of the Blake Babies, to more recently when they toured together as a acoustic duo. On record, she was a member of the Lemonheads for the "classic", It's A Shame About Ray and Evan has a made appearances on Blake Babies records including the 2001's reunion album, God Bless The Blake Babies. In 1999, Juliana recorded a duet with Dando for a Gram Parson's Tribute, Return Of The Grievous Angel, they sang $1000 Wedding. Personally, they are at the very least good friends and there's probably more to it than that, but I don't care too much about that stuff since this is a music blog. Regardless, they have known each other for some 20 years and it would have been sweet to see them on their tour last year. I heard the reviews were kind of mixed, but it would have been an opportunity to hear them trade off songs from their extensive catalogs of music.

Today's post is a short radio performance and interview from 1993 when they did some radio promos for the It's A Shame About Ray record and Juliana's, Hey Babe and her second album, Become What You Are. I have a two other similar recordings from before and after this date also from 1993, but I have those still only on cassette (I may transfer them eventually). A nice little set, a teaser for possibly more Juliana, as I've had some requests. I'll see what I can do. Stay tuned.

Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando
World Cafe

July 14, 1993
FM radio broadcast

1.  Everybody Loves Me But You
2.  Interview
3.  It's  A Shame About Ray
4.  Interview
5.  Ugly
6.  Interview
7.  Confetti
8.  Interview
9.  How Much I've Lied

JULIANA & EVAN- 1993-07-14 World Cafe FLAC. rar


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Paul

Key West said...

Terrific. It would be nice to hear the others you mention. Thanx!

L said...

Thanks for the great live tunes. I have Juliana Hatfield & Evan Dando @ The Mercury Lounge, NYC 9/30/10, but you probably already have it.

Shemp said...

Any Juliana Hatfield Hey Babe era would be great. I just love that you created this site. Keep it up.

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