Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weakerthans- Live in Ottawa 2001

The movie Wedding Crashers was on TV tonight and if you stick around to the end you'll be pleased to hear the Weakerthan's, Aside play over the end credits. Quite a coo for this band that still calls Winnipeg it's home (as well as Toronto, half the members live there) to get such major mainstream exposure in a popular Hollywood film. This isn't surprising considering the Weakerthans enjoy almost as much success south of the border, but they will never be mistaken for a band that gets heavy rotation on mainstream radio. College and university radio stations in the U.S. and Canada gain much cred for playing the Weakerthans and yes, CBC radio has always been a huge supporter of the band. Definitely more than a cult band!

By coincidence, I have an earlier Weakerthans show I'm eager to share. I recorded this off CBC radio 2 about 10 years ago and I believe I have only traded the show once and never posted it on Dime. If my memory serves me correctly I thought I had some issues with the sound as I had problems with static trying to get better radio reception. Listening to it recently, the static is minor and doesn't detract from the recording, in fact the sound quality is quite excellent with a set list heavy on their first two albums along with one song from the yet to be recorded, Reconstruction Site. According to the radio host the show takes place at The Babylon in Ottawa in 2001. I'm not sure about the exact date, on 11-30-01 the Weakerthans headlined a show with the Constantines, while the 8-2-01 date is what the person I traded the show with listed as the date on their trade list (anyone know?). I haven't heard or seen this show shared anywhere else, so if you're a Weakerthans fan this is a good one to get.

The Babylon
Ottawa, ON

(11-30-01 or 08-02-01?)
FM Master
Broadcast on CBC radio
FM>TEAC stand alone CD recorder>audio CDR>Free Rip>Wav>FLAC>rar

01. Aside
03. Letter Of Resignation
04. Pamphleteer
05. None Of The Above
06. This Is The Fire Door Never Leave Open
07. Watermark
08. Our Retired Explorer
09. Wellington's Wednesdays
10. Elegy For Elsabet
11. Left And Leaving
12. Exiles Among You
13. My Favourite Chords
14. Diagnosis

WEAKERTHANS- The Babylon, Ottawa 2001 FM FLAC. rar

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