Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bands vs Filmmakers 2

I know I don't do it enough, but I really should try to promote local shows or events that might appeal to this blogs readers. The problem is most of the audience of this blog is probably outside the 204 area code and the interest might be regional. So, to the few readers from my hometown, I encourage you to attend this special concert show event. It's the second annual (not sure if this will be an on-going event in the future), Bands vs Filmmakers II concert in support of Cinematheque, one of the few movie theatre's in town that screen local and international indie films. This fundraising event first took place last year in early June and featured bands and filmmakers melding their talent together for an interesting audio and visual display. The concept is very simple, "five of Winnipeg’s finest independent filmmakers present their film and video work live to accompany electrifying performances by five of Winnipeg’s hottest independent bands. Each artist will work individually with a particular band to create an incredible visual and musical experience. Filmmakers will project their work from the back of the hall which will be simultaneously screened behind each band’s performance."

This year's show features music by Cannon Bros., Nova, Magnificent 7s, This Hisses and SitDown Tracy. Each group will work with a different independent filmmaker including Danishka Esterhazy, Curtis Wiebe, Stephane Oystryk, Rhayne Vermette and Scott Fitzpatrick. Should be an interesting evening, I attended last year and was treated to some good music (Nathan, Shallow End, Jaxon 3 and John Samson) and some funky cool visuals both between and during the bands. I recorded all the music last year and hopefully if I attend again this year I'll have some more music to post.

I'm posting a couple of short sets from last year's concert that I thought might have the most national appeal. Juno award winning band, Nathan featuring Keri Latimer who recently released her first solo record and John K. Samson of Weakerthans fame who also released his first solo work earlier this year. If you're a fan of Keri's check out the brand new TDIT FACEBOOK page with a stream (or mp3 download) of her guest vocals on, To Sir With Love with Shallow End.

West End Cultural Centre
Winnipeg, MB
June 2, 2011
Audience master

1. One Great City
2. Cruise Night
3. The Last End
4. Heart Of The Continent
5. Utilities

JOHN K. SAMSON- 2011-06-02 FLAC. rar
NATHAN (don't have setlist) 2011-06-02 FLAC. rar

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