Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Juliana Hatfield- Live At Fort Apache 1995

photo by Andrew Kieschnick (Houston 6-15-95)
As I hinted at earlier, here's a Juliana Hatfield show taken from a radio broadcast in 1995. This was a very fruitful time for Juliana who reached alterna-rock stardom with her first two albums and her (then) latest album, Only Everything which would go on to be one of her all-time top selling albums (? or Hey Babe).. Personally, this was my favourite Juliana Hatfield record as she "turned up the volume and the distortion and had a lot of fun", but this album set the bar high for her next project which turned out to be the God's Foot record that never got released. Her songs appeared on soundtracks in popular movies/tv shows, she appeared on magazine covers, countless interviews and she was embraced as a role model for teen girls due to the positive way she addressed serious issues. Though she reached a high point of her popularity, she was never comfortable with the attention and the pressure for her to continue to succeed must have been overwhelming. Her tour for Only Everything was halted and cancelled two weeks in, citing nervous exhaustion and according to her memoir she was in fact suffering from depression. The tour resumed and Only Everything was a hit, but I don't think she ever reached the mainstream attention she did during this period. Which in some ways is a good thing. More recently her career has been a little more low key and off the radar with the hipsters nowadays, but she has released some of her best music since the early days and has done it on her own terms and on her own label. Her true fans have followed her career during her ups and downs and have helped support her through fan contributions with projects like Pledgemusic and have been rewarded with interesting and creative material.

I had an earlier request for the "You Don't Own Me" boot from 1993 (Backstage Tavern, Ballard, WA), but it turned up on Dime so it can be downloaded here. It is a definite upgrade from the cassette copy I had and the sound quality is pretty good considering it sounds like an audience recording. Today's post is from a 1995 show at Fort Apache and was broadcast on WFNX Boston which means the sound is excellent. Not sure if they broadcast the entire concert, but it doesn't matter, get it!

Live At Fort Apache
Cambridge, Massachusetts
WFNX, Boston
May 18, 1995

FM radio broadcast

01. -intro-
02. What A Life
03. I've Got No Idols
04. Dying Proof
05. -introductions-
06. Universal Heartbeat
07. Fluer de Lys
08. Spin The Bottle
09. My Sister
10. Supermodel
11. Ok Ok
12. Congratulations
13. Bottles And Flowers
14. -Happy Birthday-

JULIANA HATFIELD- 1995-05-18 Fort Apache, Boston FLAC. rar


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this!:)

jestoon said...

Thanks for sharing! can you post more of her live from '95 to '99?
Thanks! :)

binky said...

Yes, I can. Stay tuned! I'll post some more Juliana soon. Any preference, solo or band?

jestoon said...

I like band, myself... Thanks for putting this (and the other one you just posted) up here

L said...

Thanks for posting this. She really has turned out some great music, solo and with the Blake Babies and others.

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