Friday, May 04, 2012

Pixies- Live At WERS 1987

Here's another stellar radio in-studio performance broadcast from the WERS studios at Emerson College in Boston. Not much to say about this one except it's a killer set from the Pixies recorded months before the release of their first EP, Come On Pilgrim. Though C.O.P. is only 20 minutes long, I think it's their finest 20 minutes on record, all the songs are great. The set consists of most of the songs from Pilgrim, as well as some songs that would later appear on their next release, the full-length debut, Surfer Rosa. Much like the Volcano Suns appearance at WERS, the band sounds fresher and more energized here than on record. I must listen for any Pixies fan!

WERS Studios
Emerson College, Boston, MA
January 18, 1987

Fm Radio Broadcast
live in-studio

1. The Holiday Song
2. I'm Amazed
3. Rock-A-My-Soul
4. Isla de Encanta
5. Caribou
6. Broken Face
7. I've Been Tired
8. Build High
9. Break My Body
10. Ed Is Dead
11. Nimrod's Son
12. Down To The Well
13. Subbacultcha
14. Boom Chick A Boom
15. Vamos
16. In Heaven
17. interview

PIXIES- WERS Boston, MA 1987-01-18 FLAC. rar


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