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Young Fresh Fellows- Beans and Tolerance

Aka, The Bootleg Album (or Wonderfully Simple, Simply Wonderful) is a self-released rarity the Young Fresh Fellows recorded following the departure of guitarist Chuck Carroll and before Kurt Bloch joined the band. As pictured above (from my vinyl copy), you can see the cover sleeve is plain white and the record has no label. If you look closely you can see the identifying markings on the LP are scratched and hand drawn in, it doesn't get more homemade than this! Along with the Fellows, Hits From The Break Up Album 7" box set, this is one of my prize YFF collectibles. I bought both records through mail order directly from the band in the early 90's and both remain exclusively on vinyl (though some tracks have appeared elsewhere) and very out of print. I believe, B & T was limited to less than 1500 copies. Instead of side A (or 1) and side B (or 2) the sides of the record are identified by "upson" and "downs", musically it's clear which side is more upbeat than the other.

Musically, the sound is raw and spontaneous. Trouser Press describes it as, "Recorded quickly with more enthusiasm than care, the twelve cavalier tunes — most in a gritty and/or psychedelic '60sish vein — add up to a joyous, rock'n'rolling studio party with massed backing vocals, one-take chaos, meandering guitar solos, bum notes and everything else that such great undertakings require. The Fellows even wrote a song in tribute to the Bootleg Album, Ballad Of The Bootleg on their 2009 release, I Think This Is.

I'm posting this by request. I have the original vinyl, but I'm posting a rip from a CD transfer I received in a trade years ago. Yes, I admit it I'm lazy, it's faster than ripping my vinyl. I also have a request for the Gag Fah cassette which I have an original copy. I need to transfer it to digital first as the CD copy I have has the 3 second gaps built into each track (very annoying!), so please be patient I'll get it up soon.

YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS (aka: 3 Young French Fellows 3)
Beans And Tolerance (aka: Wonderfully Simple, Simply Wonderful and the "Bootleg Album")
Released in 1989

01. Rock and Roll Guitars
02. Fruitbasket Blues
03. Vacation Rock
04. NF in Trouble
05. Stop Breathing, You’re Foggin’ Up My Mind
06. Gorilla
07. Shake Your Love
08. Silhouette
09. I Wanna Die in a Woman’s Prison
10. After Eggs
11. Tell It to the Raven
12. Whole Lotta Pappies

YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS- Beans And Tolerance FLAC. rar


M-----l said...

Do you know anything about the origins of the song "I Wanna Die in a Woman's Prison"? It's one of my favorite YFF songs. I know the Squirrels and the Groovy Greasebags both recorded versions and that it was written by someone named Gary Norris, but the rest is a mystery.

john said...

thanks for this. i love it. cant wait for gag fah. have you heard the new album yet ?

binky said...

Good question M, I'm familiar with the Squirrels version, but have no idea about the origins of the song. Great downer song!

John: Haven't heard the new album yet even though I pre-ordered it a month ago...hmmm maybe it's because I live in Canada? I've been resisting the urge to listen until the physical LP arrives!

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john said...

My preorder was posted a month ago and i still havent received it. wonder whats going on ?

M-----l said...

Regarding the pre-order for the new LP...the vinyl release date got pushed back to 9/4 (according to the Yep Roc rep I complained to). I got mine last week.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for passing along the brilliance of the 'fellows. Ummm, you by chance have the "Big Pile of Happiness" demos for "Fabulous Sounds..."? A holy grail of mine... shoulda asked Scott "McCoi" about this all those years ago when he worked behind the counter at Cellophane Square... Thanks!

john said...

big pile of happiness ? i am intrigued. first i've heard of it

joshd said...

Hey, and it's faster than ripping MY vinyl copy! Thank you!

Remy said...


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