Saturday, September 29, 2012

Paul Westerberg- My Road Now

Short, but sweet! Thanks to a reader of this blog for informing me that Paul Westerberg has released a new song. My Road Now is streaming all over the net, but whether this is the first of more songs to come or if a album is in the works is unknown. The song is a piano ballad, in the style of Self Defence from Suicaine Gratification. Nothing special, but I still get excited to hear new Westerberg. I realize I can't expect the second coming of the Replacements anytime soon, but I've come to set my expectations to a different level and some Westerberg is better than nothing at all.

He hasn't released a solo recording in two years and through my search to seek info about this single I discovered that he released a couple of songs under the moniker of Mr. F, that was available as a limited edition 7" multi-coloured vinyl (and a bonus digital download of a third song). These songs are sparse sounding and demo quality and in the case of Grandpaboy's Last Stand, a lot of unfocused goofing around.

Paul Westerberg-  My Road Now mp3 (download)

Mr. F 7" (2010)
01. This Machine
02. Foolish Hand Shake
Bonus track: Grandpaboy’s Last Stand

Paul Westerberg- Mr. F 7". rar


john said...

thanks for these. hadnt heard them. please dont forget gag fah

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:) thanks

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