Thursday, September 11, 2008

Song(s) Of the Day #2- Vivian Girls

If you're a fan of noisy sweet all-girl rawk, you'll love the Vivian Girls! This art/punk trio from Brooklyn serves up a tasty disc of infectious no-nonsense pop that grabs and shakes you. Their sound isn't unique or innovative, but their short, fast tunes are refreshing and fun. The Vivian Girls are Cassie Ramone on vocals and guitar, bass player Kickball Katy and drummer Ali. The band has released three 7" singles as well as a very limited (500 copies) full length self titled album last Spring (which sold out quickly), that will be re-released in October on In the Red records.

VIVIAN GIRLS- All The Time (s/t LP)
VIVIAN GIRLS- Tell The World (s/t LP)
VIVIAN GIRLS- Wild Eyes (7" single)
VIVIAN GIRLS- Telepathic Love (unreleased demo)

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