Thursday, September 11, 2008

Song(s) Of The Day #3- James, Mandy and the Cars

Soul Asylum, before their Runaway Train success was a great band! During the late 90's they were known as one of the best live bands around and some of their albums, Made to be Broken, Hang Time and the Horse They Rode On are a good representation of their early days before mainstream success sucked the creativity and intensity from the band. Along with the Replacements and Husker Du, Soul Asylum helped create and bring much attention to the Minneapolis sound, during the late 80's I seeked out bands from Minneapolis that we're riding the coat-tails of these trailblazing bands. The Magnolias, Run Westy Run, ZuZu's Petals, Babes In Toyland and the Jayhawks were just some of the fine bands to emerge from the Twin Cities scene during this period.

During their late 80's live shows, Soul Asylum liked to pull out some interesting covers that were both brilliant and tongue-in-cheek, but always a highlight.

SOUL ASYLUM- James At 16 (Heavy Medley): I've heard this medley attempted on another concert recording before where the band seemlessly meshes together a medley of goofy covers. This is a classic SA moment that is a prime example of how fun and fabulous a Soul Asylum show must have been.

SOUL ASYLUM- Mandy/Drive: Another mini-medley performing the sappy Barry Manilow hit merging into the Cars song, Drive. It's amazing how two songs that I cringe at when I hear performed by the original artists, can put a smile on my face when I hear Soul Asylum cover it...another classic moment.

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