Monday, April 25, 2011

The Jayhawks- First Avenue 2010 sorry, it's been two weeks since I last posted. Been busy and lazy lately especially with the NHL playoffs underway, I seem to eat up a lot of my spare time (little as I have) watching hockey. I'll do my best to make it up this week.

I last spoke about the Winnipeg Folk Festival and thanks for all your suggestions! My most anticipated act is The Jayhawks who have their reunited "classic" line-up, that includes Mark Olson, Marc Perlman, Tim O'Reagon, Karen Grotberg and Gary Louris. Their setlist concentrates on the era that included Olson, (ignoring all their material from 1997- ) including some songs from their debut album which was re-issued last year. I thought it would be appropriate to revisit a concert from June 2010 when the band played a three night stand at the First Avenue. I remember at the time, fans were asked by the band (or their management) not to record the show, as the Jayhawks are usually pretty cool with fan's taping their concerts and that it would be recorded professionally for later release. Even better, the band has posted one of those nights on their website for your listening pleasure. I'm giving you the option, you can download the show here or if you desire, can go to the official Jayhawks site and download or stream the show there.

First Avenue

Minneapolis, MN
June 21, 2010

1. Intro
2. Wichita
3. Over My Shoulder
4. Real Light
5. Red's Song
6. Nothing Left To Borrow
7. Tomorrow The Green Grass
8. Let the Critics Wonder
9. King of Kings
10. Two Hearts
11. Settled Down Like Rain
12. Martin's Song
13. Take Me With You (When You Go)
14. She's Not Alone Anymore
15. Band Intros
16. Blue
17. I'd Run Away
18. Miss Williams' Guitar
19. Lights
20. Bad Time
21. People In This Place On Every Side (encore)
22. Encore
23. Tampa To Tulsa
24. Waiting For The Sun
25. Will I Be Married
26. Almost Saturday Night

THE JAYHAWKS- First Avenue, 6-21-10. rar

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Dana said...

Saw them at two shows in January at First Ave. Great shows, but I'm not going to lie, I prefer the 1997-2000ish SOL-era group. There's something very predictable and reserved about the band with Olsen on board. Not that they were every crazy, but there was a fun shagginess to the band after he left that isn't there now.

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