Friday, April 08, 2011

Supersnazz- Superstupid!

Here's something sweet to end your week with, the debut album from Japan's, Supersnazz, Superstupid! I bought this back in the day (1993) sight unheard mainly because it was produced by Kurt Bloch who seems to only produce bands I have come to love. The result is a high energy, infectious garage rock!

On their 1993 Sub Pop debut, Superstupid!, Japanese rockers Supersnazz -- who borrow their name from an album by the Flamin' Groovies -- deliver an electric album of spiky, retro rock & roll. What they lack in technical prowess, they make up for with sheer spunkiness, showing fresh zeal for the simple pleasures of surf-tinged rock, without any of the jaded weariness of their American counterparts. With a joyous energy equaling that of fellow Japanese imports of the same era, Teengenerate and Guitar Wolf, these ladies approach their songs as if they were discovering the cool rebellion of rock & roll for the first time. They cruise through an album of simple high-energy songs, anchored by a rough garage-flavored guitar that launches into vigorous solos, and a direct, pummeling drum assault. Spike's frayed vocals slither, growl, and scream, and although the lyrics are often unintelligible through her thick accent, her tone clearly communicates a tough rock attitude. Everything the genre should be -- tough, sexy, cool, and fun -- Supersnazz rocks. ~ Sarah Tomlinson


Superstupid! (1993)
  1. Breakout
  2. Johnny
  3. Black Cat
  4. Sometimes
  5. Middle Of The Way
  6. Playing My Guitar
  7. Uncle Wiggly
  8. Hardcore
  9. Comanche
  10. Creeps
  11. First Time Is The Best Time
  12. Papa Oo Mao Mao
SUPERSNAZZ- Superstupid. rar


stacey said...

My kid was asking me just today why I don't have any girl singers on my playlists. There's some, but punk and garage certainly aren't overburdened with all-female bands! Thanks so much!

jrmitchell72 said...

Thank you for this! I have had this one on vinyl since its release and always wanted a digital copy of it!

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