Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Playmates- Short Wave

Here at TDIT, it's "Tribute to Japan" week, featuring a few Japanese bands and maybe some concert recordings from Japan. I looked through my CD's and I was disappointed to see I don't have a lot of music from Japanese bands, but I must admit my music taste doesn't take me too far out of North America, except for the United Kingdom. This is my mini-tribute to this Earthquake and Tsunami torn country that has always been known for it's culture, fine art and good music.

I knew nothing about The Playmates when I received their CD in the mail with my order from Rockboss many years ago. It was thrown in as a freebie and at first I didn't take much interest, though the cover art got me curious. When I did finally spin the disc, I couldn't ignore their infectiously catchy power-pop, that had a kind of Beatles-esque, British Invasion sound or maybe a faster, poppier Posies. Their music is fun and happy with just the right amount of manic punk edginess that keeps it from being too sweet. If you didn't know the Playmates were Japanese it's because they sing exclusively in English, and they could easily be mistaken for being British. Probably the best free CD I've ever received, definitely worth the download! I'm pretty sure this CD is out of print or at least hard to find. Also highly recommended is their 2003 release, Listen!

Short Wave (1995)

  1. Love Is You
  2. When It Rains
  3. Do It Again
  4. Sleep
  5. Salty Dog
  6. Tonight
  7. Short Wave
  8. Finger Action
  9. Yes, It's True
  10. Don't Tell Me
  11. Leave Me Alone
  12. My Little Soul
  13. We Don't Wanna Know (bonus track)
THE PLAYMATES- Short Wave. rar

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stacey said...

Merci bien! Just what I need for a rainy Vancouver day.

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